IconJar 1.13.2
IconJar 1.13.2 | macOS | 8 mb

Designed to make the life of app developers and designers a little bit easier, IconJar is a lightweight and user-friendly icon organizer for your Mac.

Everything feels natural and looks top notch thanks to a responsive and native macOS interface, with a Set panel on the left side, a tag panel on the right side, and a search bar on the upper right part of the main window.

Mind Snares: Alice's Journey [Steam Release]

Steam release date ➡️ 23 Apr, 2015

Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey is a mature adventure game that blends together elements of the surreal, psychological thriller, and horror genres.

Alice’s car breaks down and plunges into a river. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in a strange world made of her own memories, dreams and nightmares. Ruling over this bizarre dream land is the mysterious Shadow, who forces the protagonist to face her deepest fears.
In order to escape this ominous, psychedelic world, Alice needs to follow an enigmatic lifeline and locate four magical totems that will allow her to rebuild a bridge back to her own reality. But this proves to be no easy task. Alice must venture deep inside her own subconscious, to face motley characters embodying friendly as well as hostile parts of her own psyche.

Alice solves charades and puzzle that test her intellectual prowess. She must confront the ghosts from her past, suddenly made real by the Shadow’s insidious power.
Will our protagonist muster the strength to defeat her own demons? Or will the Shadow win?

The fate of Alice lies in your hands!

Venture through 38 surrealistic, hand-painted locations of Shadow Land!
Face 22 mini-games and 19 hidden object scenes!
Follow the lifeline to find 4 totems hidden throughout the game!
Meet 8 oneiric, but larger than life, characters!

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space
Wise Force Deleter 1.49.51 + Portable

Wise Force Deleter 1.49.51 + Portable | 1.9/1.8 Mb

Wise Force Deleter in Windows, when we try to delete a file, we might see notices or errors like this: Cannot delete file Access is denied; There has been a sharing violation; The source or destination file may be in use; The file is in use by another program or user; Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use. Wise Force Deleter is designed to fix all the issues above by terminating the processes using the file or removing file-access restrictions that prevent you from deleting a file. With Wise Force Deleter, you can unlock and delete any file without frustration in Windows.
Rohos Disk Encryption 2.9 Multilingual
Rohos Disk Encryption 2.9 Multilingual | 32.7 Mb

Rohos Disk Encryption creates virtual, encrypted and hidden volumes on your computer. To access this volume you can use password or USB flash drive with a password key. Rohos disk integrates with MS Office and any other application by inserting a disk shortcut into SaveAs/Open File dialogs.

R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2234
R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2234 | 19.2 Mb

R-Wipe & Clean is a complete R-Tools solution to remove useless files, free up your disk space, and clean various privacy-compromising information on your online and offline activity. This includes internet history and cookies, lists of ed files and opened documents, various data caches, temporary files, and many more items, created by the operating system, most contemporary internet browsers and communication programs, and by hundreds of third-party applications.

VUE R2 and PlantFactory R2 Build 2003711
VUE R2 and PlantFactory R2 (build 2003711) | 5.9 Gb
E-on software, a leading global developer of software for the creation, animation, rendering, and integration of natural 3D environments in the computer graphics, VFX, architecture, and gaming industries, today announced the immediate availability of the Spring 2019 Release (code name R2) of its VUE and PlantFactory software.