Perfectly Clear WorkBench macOS
Perfectly Clear WorkBench macOS
Language: Multilingual | File size: 197 MB

Perfectly Clear Workbench is an application that uses Athentech's Perfectly Clear image correction libraries and is made available to demonstrate the capabilities of the Perfectly Clear processing libraries, face detection library and to allow a quick export of the processing settings for use.


Bartender 5.0.35 macOS

Bartender 5.0.35
File Size: 20 mb

Bartender lets you organize your menu-bar apps by hiding them, rearranging them, or moving them to Bartender's Bar. You can display the full menu bar, set options to have menu-bar items show in the menu bar when they have updated, or have them always visible in Bartender's Bar.
Release Notes

Supported Operation Systems
macOS 14.0 or later

Lightkey Professional Edition 4.5 macOS

Lightkey Professional Edition 4.5
File Size: 191 mb

Professional DMX lighting control Mac style.

Highly compatible.
Bring your own DMX interface: USB, Art-Net, sACN, or ESP-Net.
Vastly powerful.
Lightkey’s built-in FX engine takes your light show to a new level.
Surprisingly simple.
Easy to learn, quick to set up. Engineered exclusively for Mac.

Designed for the needs of creative lighting designers, Lightkey breaks free from the old thinking about DMX values and channels. Thru advanced fixture profiles it understands all your fixtures’ properties—like Color, Gobo, Shutter, Prism, Zoom—, and provides specially-designed, easy-to-use controls for each of them. The current state of your fixtures is always visible in the live preview. Simply concentrate on the perfect light show and let Lightkey translate it to the proper DMX values.

Virtual light beams
Virtual light beams show your lights’ real-world positions and also reflect intensity, color, focus, zoom, iris, frost, and shutter/strobe states.
Built-in stage editor
The built-in graphical editor lets you recreate the stage or dance floor on the screen. Apart from your fixtures you can add shapes, trusses, and custom images.
Copy & paste
Easily copy and paste properties and effects between fixtures – even fixtures of different types. Of course, you can undo as well
At a glance
Little “bubbles” in the Preview show you at a glance which fixture properties are overridden or defined by a preset, sequence, or cue.
On-the-fly changes
Quickly change any fixture property on the fly—perfect for nightclubs and parties where you don’t have a song run sheet in advance.
Intelligent Design view
The Design view automatically adapts itself according to your fixtures and their properties so you only see the controls you really need.

macOS 13 or later required

XMind 23.09.09172 Multilingual macOS

XMind 23.09
Multilingual - 222 mb

Proudly presented by Xmind.

Inspiration is always fleeting. The first snapshot of a moment is worth being collected with Xmind, a full-featured and cross-platform mind mapping and brainstorming solution for everyone.
Dedicate to mind mapping for over a decade, Xmind represents our unique understanding of mind mapping tool.

• Original Built-in Templates: Choose from our built-in template, or template sharing by Xmind users from all over the world.
• Various Structures: From Balance Sheet, to Fishbone Chart, Tree Table, Timeline, there is always the right template for recording your ideas.
• Mix and Match: Two is better than one. We always support structure combination so that your ideas can be fit in well tailored suits.
• Skeleton & Color Theme: The mind map means possibilities, so are the combination of the structure and theme. Mind map your way this time by combining them at the very first start.

• Pitch Mode: Your mind map is a slide show, one click to go. Pitch Mode generates smooth transitions and layouts for your mind map.
• Hand-Drawn Style: Switch the mind map into hand-drawn look with just a click. Let’s mind map with nostalgic joy.
• Outliner: A new way to view, organize and manage the topics. Switch Outliner and Mind Map back and forth helps you to read your work from different perspectives.
• Dark UI: Xmind supports Dark Mode on any desktop platform. Switch the interface between light and dark in Preferences easily.
• ZEN Mode: An immersive way of editing mind map. Night mode and timer help you to drench in your mind.
• Topic Link: Two topics can be linked and transitioned to each other instantly via a simple click.
• Quick Entry: Create mind maps from a simple note instantly.
• Show Branch Only: Focus, edit and modify on the topic you want, no matter it’s a main topic or subtopic.
• Elaborate & Decorate: Elaborate to widen your topic, insert images, audio note, label, hyperlink, etc. Choose markers and stickers to make mind mapping fancy and comprehensive.

Requires macOS 10.13 or later.




PullTube macOS

Language: Multilingual | File size: 119 MB

A beautiful online video downloader for your Mac. PullTube proposes a streamlined workflow for quickly downloading videos provides control over the output quality, and enables you to extract the audio to MP3 or M4A files. Save video from Youtube, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Bilibili, Soundcloud and more.