Recent Trends in Cancer Biology Spotlight on Signaling Cascades and microRNAs

Recent Trends in Cancer Biology: Spotlight on Signaling Cascades and microRNAs: Cell Signaling Pathways and microRNAs in Cancer Biology By Sundas Fayyaz
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 310 Pages | ISBN : 3319715526 | 8.05 MB
Cancer is a multifaceted disease and overwhelmingly increasing experimental evidence has helped us to develop a deeper understanding of the role of signal transduction cascades in cancer development and progression. Tissue microarrays and next generation sequencing technologies have assisted us to gather missing pieces of jigsaw puzzle and we now know that deregulation of spatio-temporally controlled signaling cascades play fundamental role in metastasis and resistance against wide ranging therapeutics.

Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems The 13th International Symposium
Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems: The 13th International Symposium By Roderich Gro?
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 688 Pages | ISBN : 3319730061 | 49 MB

Distributed robotics is an interdisciplinary and rapidly growing area, combining research in computer science, communication and control systems, and electrical and mechanical engineering. Distributed robotic systems can autonomously solve complex problems while operating in highly unstructured real-world environments. They are expected to play a major role in addressing future societal needs, for example, by improving environmental impact assessment, food supply, transportation, manufacturing, security, and emergency and rescue services.