Aeschylus and War Comparative Perspectives on Seven Against Thebes
Free Download Aeschylus and War: Comparative Perspectives on Seven Against Thebes By Isabelle Torrance
2017 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 1138677000 | PDF | 3 MB
This volume brings together a group of interdisciplinary experts who demonstrate that Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes is a text of continuing relevance and value for exploring ancient, contemporary and comparative issues of war and its attendant trauma. The volume features contributions from an international cast of experts, as well as a conversation with a retired U.S. Army Lt. Col., giving her perspectives on the blending of reality and fiction in Aeschylus' war tragedies and on the potential of Greek tragedy to speak to contemporary veterans. This book is a fascinating resource for anyone interested in Aeschylus, Greek tragedy and its reception, and war literature.



Aerodynamics for Aviators
Free Download Mark Dusenbury, "Aerodynamics for Aviators"
English | ISBN: 1619543338 | 2016 | 256 pages | EPUB | 7 MB
Aerodynamics for Aviators is a collegiate-level aerodynamics textbook that covers all of the necessary information relevant to pilots, from the private license through to the commercial. Aerodynamics is a subject critical to pilots' understanding of the safe maneuvering and operation of aircraft. This textbook takes the student through a basic physical principles review and vector analysis before covering the four forces in flight. Sections are dedicated to subsonic aerodynamics as well as high-speed (transonic) aerodynamics.

Adventures in Solitude  What Not To Wear to a Nude Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation Sound
Free Download Adventures in Solitude : What Not To Wear to a Nude Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation Sound By Grant Lawrence
2015 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 1550175149 | EPUB | 13 MB
From Captain George Vancouver to Muriel "Curve of Time" Blanchet to Jim "Spilsbury's Coast" Spilsbury, visitors to Desolation Sound have left behind a trail of books endowing the area with a romantic aura that helps to make it British Columbia's most popular marine park. In this hilarious and captivating book, CBC personality Grant Lawrence adds a whole new chapter to the saga of this storied piece of BC coastline.Young Grant's father bought a piece of land next to the park in the 1970s, just in time to encounter the gun-toting cougar lady, left-over hippies, outlaw bikers and an assortment of other characters. In those years Desolation Sound was a place where going to the neighbours' potluck meant being met with hugs from portly naked hippies and where Russell the Hermit's school of life (boating, fishing, and rock 'n' roll) was Grant's personal Enlightenment--an influence that would take him away from the coast to a life of music and journalism and eventually back again.With rock band buddies and a few cases of beer in tow, an older, cooler Grant returns to regale us with tales of "going bush," the tempting dilemma of finding an unguarded grow-op, and his awkward struggle to convince a couple of visiting kayakers that he's a legit CBC radio host while sporting a wild beard and body wounds and gesticulating with a machete. With plenty of laugh-out-loud humour and inspired reverence, Adventures in Solitude delights us with the unique history of a place and the growth of a young man amidst the magic of Desolation Sound

Adventures in Order and Chaos A Scientific Autobiography
Free Download George Contopoulos, "Adventures in Order and Chaos: A Scientific Autobiography"
English | 2004 | pages: 208 | ISBN: 9048167736, 1402030398 | PDF | 3,9 mb
For many years I was organizing a weekly seminar on dynamical astronomy, and I used to make some historical remarks on every subject, including some anecdotes from my contacts with many leading scientists over the years. I described also the development of various subjects and the emergence of new ideasindynamicalastronomy. Thenseveralpeoplepromptedmetowritedown these remarks, which cannot be found in papers, or books. Thus, I decided to write this book, which contains my experiences over the years. I hope that this book may be helpful to astronomy students all over the world. During my many years of teaching, as a visiting professor, in American Universities (1962-1994, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Chicago, Maryland and Florida) I was impressed by the quality of my graduate students. Most of them were very bright, asking penetrating questions, and preparing their homework in a perfect way. In a few cases, instead of a ?nal examination, I assigned to them some small research projects and they presented their results at the end of the course. They were excellent in preparing the appropriate slides and in presenting their results in a concise and clear way.

Adventures in Franchise Ownership 4 Pillars to Strengthen, Protect and Grow Your Business
Free Download Christy Wilson Delk, "Adventures in Franchise Ownership: 4 Pillars to Strengthen, Protect and Grow Your Business"
English | ISBN: 1683508831 | 2018 | 266 pages | EPUB | 4 MB
Written in the style of a business 'tell-all', Adventures in Franchise Ownership lays out what successful franchisees do that you won't find in most owner's manuals and includes franchisee Christy Wilson Delk's good, bad, and really tough days before her successful exit 15 years later. Franchisees, like most small business owners, experience times of extreme frustration, lapses in motivation, and often exit before reaching their potential and their goals. Based on Christy's real-life franchise ownership adventures, this guide explains how her 4 Pillar to Pillars Approach helps all franchise owners get to the top tier of their franchise system and includes advice from 16 top performers representing over a dozen market segments. With humor, candor, and relatability, Christy fills in the gaps of the franchise Owner's Manual by providing a constructive framework for finding professional satisfaction and attaining the financial success franchise owners everywhere want and

Advances in Real-Time Intelligent Systems
Free Download Advances in Real-Time Intelligent Systems
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031558472 | 370 Pages | PDF (True) | 34 MB
The current information society is transitioning to an intelligent society where real-world and real-data applications have a profound influence. Real-time computing has an enormous impact on the future information society. Unimaginable applications have been emerging in real-time applications in the last two years. Logical reasoning and inference-making activities by machines have become a reality. Complex and heterogeneous data are being processed and infused into machine intelligence, bringing machine intelligence equal to human intelligence. Real-time data and real-time intelligence are the crux of the current research. This book of 41 papers in real-time intelligent systems addresses various issues ranging from real-time algorithms to various applications in real-time intelligence. The contributions of this book will mark a significant impact in the near-future research in real-time intelligence.

Advances in Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation - Volume 1
Free Download Advances in Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation - Volume 1
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031563069 | 397 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 64 MB
This book gathers selected research articles presented in the "6th International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation (ICMMAAC)", held at JECRC University, Jaipur, during August 3-5, 2023. This book is focused on articles dealing with necessary theory and techniques in a balanced manner, and contributes towards solving mathematical problems arising in physics, engineering, chemistry, biological systems, medicine, networking system, control systems, environmental sciences, social issues of current interest and more. Annually held since 2018, the ICMMAAC conference aimed, in particular, to foster cooperation among practitioners and theoreticians in these fields. This proceedings is an invaluable resource for researchers, academicians and professionals associated or interested in current advances in different aspects of mathematical modelling, computational algorithms and analysis necessary for handling real-world problems.

Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Free Download Wee Keong Ng, "Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining"
English | 2006 | pages: 901 | ISBN: 3540332065 | PDF | 15,6 mb
The Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD) is a leading international conference in the area of data mining and knowledge discovery. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the successful annual series of PAKDD conferences held in the Asia Pacific region. It was with pleasure that we hosted PAKDD 2006 in Singapore again, since the inaugural PAKDD conference was held in Singapore in 1997. PAKDD 2006 continues its tradition of providing an international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share their new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all aspects of KDD data mining, including data cleaning, data warehousing, data mining techniques, knowledge visualization, and data mining applications. This year, we received 501 paper submissions from 38 countries and regions in Asia, Australasia, North America and Europe, of which we accepted 67 (13.4%) papers as regular papers and 33 (6.6%) papers as short papers. The distribution of the accepted papers was as follows: USA (17%), China (16%), Taiwan (10%), Australia (10%), Japan (7%), Korea (7%), Germany (6%), Canada (5%), Hong Kong (3%), Singapore (3%), New Zealand (3%), France (3%), UK (2%), and the rest from various countries in the Asia Pacific region.