Learn & Build Unity 3D Mobile Assassin Creed Game Clone 2023
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Learn Unity Parkour Game System | Learn Unity 3d iOS & Android Game Development & Build C# Third Person Shooter TPS Game

What you'll learn
Mobile Touch Controls
Mobile Input Controls
3D Mobile Game Development
Parkour System

you must have some basic programming knowledge
you must have some basic unity knowledge

In this course you will learn ios & android game development using unity game ee by building assassin creed game clone.

Holding The Perfect Presentation
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Confident presentations from now on

What you'll learn
How to create and hold a perfect presentation (PPT, Keynote or whatever you are using)
Create slides that support your objectives
The 5 golden rules for perfect communication
Storylines following Barbara Minto's pyramid principle
How to make perfect use of the horizontal and vertical storyline

No previous knowledge necessary
You would want to make use of presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint

Why and why presentations failLeading means communicating.

Diversity And Inclusion: Build The Foundation
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Diversity and Inclusion: Build the Foundation

What you'll learn
Explore privilege using the invisible knapsack analogy
Define equity and understand the structures that prevent and advance it
Reflect on social barriers that exist to create resources that address them
Identify the difference between the teology race and ethnicity
Prevent the use of condescending or mocking language approaches in the workplace
Define implicit bias or unconscious bias
Understand and apply five bias reduction strats derived from social psychology research
Define empathy and its impact on the workplace
Racial inequity is an important issue that has taken on a renewed prominence in many organizations, and addressing these issues can be difficult.

Cost Center Planning in SAP S4 Hana Controlling
Published 11/2022Created by Muhammad Hassan AskariMP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 ChGenre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 10 Lectures ( 1h 42m ) | Size: 1.1 GB

You will learn about the types of cost center plannings in SAP S4 Hana
How to Plan for the whole year and for multiple periods
Plan vs Actual Variance reporting
Usage of report painter tool for the creation of customized upload file
How to Calculate Activity Type Prices

You have to know about the basic enterprise structure of SAP S4 Hana Controlling Module

We will discuss all the types of cost center planning & activity price calculation in SAP S4 Hana Controlling module.

Business Law For Entrepreneurs And Managers
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The key things your need to know about the law to start, manage and finance your business

What you'll learn
The key elements that every entrepreneur, manager or business leader needs to know about United States business law and the legal environment.