An Agoraphobic's Guide to Hollywood How Michael Jackson Got Me Out of the House
Free Download Darlene Craviotto, "An Agoraphobic's Guide to Hollywood: How Michael Jackson Got Me Out of the House"
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0984671196 | EPUB | pages: 280 | 0.5 mb
When award-winning screenwriter Darlene Craviotto receives a call from Disney Studios asking her to write a musical PETER PAN for Steven Spielberg, with Michael Jackson in the starring role, it seems as though all of her Hollywood dreams are about to come true...If she can just get out of the house.Life isn't exactly a walk in the park for this working mom, with two restless kids under six, a neurotic agent, a demanding studio head, and a loveable "under-employed" actor for a husband -And then of course, there is Michael.AN AGORAPHOBIC'S GUIDE TO HOLLYWOOD: HOW MICHAEL JACKSON GOT ME OUT OF THE HOUSE is an irreverent, behind-the-scenes look at show business. It tells the true story of how an agoraphobic screenwriter learns to overcome her fear of stepping outside of the house, and starts to live her life again-thanks to a top secret project, an eccentric superstar, and the most important assignment of her career.

Alternative energy and shale gas encyclopedia
Free Download Alternative energy and shale gas encyclopedia By Keeley, Jack W.; Kingery, Thomas B.; Lehr, Jay H
2016 | 1801 Pages | ISBN: 0470894415 | PDF | 71 MB
A comprehensive depository of all information relating to the scientific and technological aspects of Shale Gas and Alternative Energy -Conveniently arranged by energy type including Shale Gas, Wind, Geothermal, Solar, and Hydropower -Perfect first-stop reference for any scientist, engineer, or student looking for practical and applied energy information -Emphasizes practical applications of existing technologies, from design and maintenance, to operating and troubleshooting of energy systems and equipment -Features concise yet complete entries, making it easy for users to find the required information quickly, without the need to search through long articles.

AlmaLinux 9 Essentials Learn to Install, Administer, and Deploy Rocky Linux 9 Systems
Free Download AlmaLinux 9 Essentials: Learn to Install, Administer, and Deploy Rocky Linux 9 Systems by Neil Smyth
English | November 3, 2023 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0CLKZ2BR8 | 383 pages | MOBI | 11 Mb
AlmaLinux 9 Essentials is intended to provide detailed information on the installation, use, and administration of the AlmaLinux 9 distribution. For beginners, the book covers topics such as operating system installation, the basics of the GNOME desktop environment, configuring email and web servers, and installing packages and system updates. Additional installation topics, such as dual booting with Microsoft Windows, are also covered, together with all important security topics, such as configuring a firewall and user and group administration.

Alligator Marines  a story of the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion in WW II  Saipan, Tinian, Iwo Jima
Free Download Alligator Marines : a story of the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion in WW II : Saipan, Tinian, Iwo Jima By Donal B. Marshall, Shelly Marshall, Donald B. Marshall
2013 | 208 Pages | ISBN: 1934569208 | PDF | 3 MB
This is a book about the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion, World War II, three tiny pacific islands, and the story of the 'young men' who became 'legendary men' fighting for their mothers and fathers, flag and country, you and me. It has been updated, correcting some mistakes and including more illustrations from the author. Undoubtedly you know the story of Iwo Jima and have seen Joe Rosenthal's photo of the six heroes who raised the flag over Mount Suribachi. The battle for the volcano was an epic in itself, the capture of Suribachi becoming a legend in the long and varied history of the United States Marine Corps. What you haven't read about, however, is the story behind the legend, the story of the barefoot Marine who won't call himself a hero but never-the-less is. It is the story of my Dad who by 18 was already a veteran of Saipan and Tinian and then drove an Amtrac with the 5th Amphibious Tractor Battalion as they went ashore on Iwo. The story is about heroes, coming of age, and facing the enemy. It is both tragic and humorous; it is the telling of the tale of Don Marshall, proud to number himself among those amphibians of the 5th who wore the eagle, globe, and anchor--an Alligator Marine!