Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1032001127 | 361 pages | pdf | 85.66 MB
Thanks to rapid technological developments in terms of Computational Intelligence, smart tools have been playing active roles in daily life. It is clear that the 21st century has brought about many advantages in using high-level computation and communication solutions to deal with real-world problems; however, more technologies bring more changes to society. In this sense, the concept of smart cities has been a widely discussed topic in terms of society and Artificial Intelligence-oriented research efforts. The rise of smart cities is a transformation of both community and technology use habits, and there are many different research orientations to shape a better future.

Enterprise Systems and Technological Convergence Research and Practice
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1648023428 | 377 pages | True PDF EPUB | 10.68 MB
Enterprise Systems have been used for many years to integrate technology with the management of an organization but rapid technological disruptions are now creating new challenges and opportunities that require urgent consideration. This book reappraises the implementation and management of Enterprise Systems in the digital age and investigates the vital link between business processes, information technology and the Internet for an organization's competitive advantage and success.

Efficient Go Data Driven Performance Optimization
English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781098105709 | 169 pages | EPUB | 1.11 MB
Software engineers today typically put performance optimizations low on the list of development priorities. But despite significant technological advancements and lower-priced hardware, software efficiency still matters. With this book, Go programmers will learn how to approach performance topics for applications written in this open source language.

Dictators and Autocrats Securing Power across Global Politics
English | 2021 | ISBN: 0367607867 | 465 pages | pdf | 4.08 MB
In order to truly understand the emergence, endurance, and legacy of autocracy, this volume of engaging essays explores how autocratic power is acquired, exercised, and transferred or abruptly ended through the careers and politics of influential figures in more than 20 countries and six regions.

Democracy and Security in Latin America State Capacity and Governance under Stress
English | 2021 | ISBN: 0367260522 | 237 pages | pdf | 12.79 MB
In countries around the world, from the United States to the Philippines to Chile, police forces are at the center of social unrest and debates about democracy and rule of law. This book examines the persistence of authoritarian policing in Latin America to explain why police violence and malfeasance remain pervasive decades after democratization. It also examines the conditions under which reform can occur. Drawing on rich comparative analysis and evidence from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, the book opens up the 'black box' of police bureaucracies to show how police forces exert power and cultivate relationships with politicians, as well as how social inequality impedes change. González shows that authoritarian policing persists not in spite of democracy but in part because of democratic processes and public demand. When societal preferences over the distribution of security and coercion are fragmented along existing social cleavages, politicians possess few incentives to enact reform.

Data Warehousing Consulting A Complete Guide - 2021 Edition
English | 2020 | ISBN: 9781867488385 | 299 pages | PDF,EPUB | 1.96 MB
This Data Warehousing Consulting Guide is unlike books you're used to. If you're looking for a textbook, this might not be for you. This book and its included digital components is for you who understands the importance of asking great questions. This gives you the questions to uncover the Data Warehousing Consulting challenges you're facing and generate better solutions to solve those problems.