City of Stories 2: The Professors Secret Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

City of Stories 2: The Professors Secret
Collector's Edition

Adele is a simple peasant girl who spends her days helping her herbalist father. But her passion for science goes far beyond simply gathering herbs. She dreams of studying alongside the world's top scientists and changing the world with her talents! But in a society where women are expected to keep their heads down and maintain the status quo, the odds are set against her. That is until she comes up with an extraordinary plan... Follow Adele's journey as she disguises herself as the student “Edward Black” to pursue her studies. Make important decisions to determine the course of her tale, learn fun facts along the way, and earn coins to upgrade your laboratory! Will Adele make history and persevere to achieve her dreams, or will she be caught and sent in a different direction? Find out in this story-driven Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

Ms. Holmes 6: Letter M Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

Ms. Holmes 6: Letter M
Collector's Edition

Famed detective Sharlotte Holmes prides herself in seeking out and taking on even the most complex cases. But a new mystery finds her when a dishevelled and wounded engineer staggers into your friend Oscar's life. You'll play as Sharlotte as you attempt to piece together the events that led to this unlikely meeting and discover that old foes may not be as far in the rearview as you thought. Use your intellect and instincts to answer questions that challenge your worldview and, perhaps, put you deeper into the spotlight than you ever intended. Can you peel back the layers to reveal the truth? Find out in this gripping Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

• Stay on the suspect's trail with the strategy guide!
• Bring the mystery home with wallpaper, music, and more!
• Dig a little deeper to find tons of collectibles and puzzle pieces!
• Uncover a plot that threatens the livelihood of Ms. Holmes in the bonus game!
• Replay your favourite HOPs and mini-games and earn achievements!

Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 8 Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 8
Collector's Edition

Avi Games presents the eighth entry in the popular hidden-object travel series with Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 8 Family Vacation! Take an inspiring trip through various European countries to visit unforgettable tourist destinations. Explore ancient castles, European musical culture, and much more as you search colourful scenes and play clever mini-games on the hidden-object vacation of a lifetime!

• 10 additional locations with even more objects to find!
• Relive the vacation with the included music player!
• Collect unique souvenirs from your trip!
• Stunning downloadable wallpapers!
• Exclusive bonus mini-games!

Tricky Doors [BFG-Final-Updated-LeeGT]

Tricky Doors
Find a way to open the door in each scene to make your escape! But you never know what you’ll find behind each door. Will it be hostile or friendly? Familiar or fantastic? No matter what you find, your task is always the same – find the door to escape through the portal and move forward. Solve puzzles and find hidden objects, some familiar, some exotic, but the question is, can you use them to find your way out? Challenge yourself in the mysterious worlds of Tricky Doors!

• Fantastic locations and beautiful graphics
• Tons of unique escape situations
• Exciting search for hidden objects
• Challenging mini-games
• Will be interesting for both beginners and experienced players

Our Beautiful Earth 9 Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

Our Beautiful Earth 9
Collector's Edition

Experience the wonder and beauty of the world while finding hidden objects, animals, and unique items in this captivating trip to the furthest corners of Our Beautiful Earth! Get ready to trek across varied landscapes and check out the inspiring sights of the USA, China, Australia, and many more! This beautiful Earth belongs to all of us, so jump in for a trip of a lifetime!

• Ten additional levels you won’t find anywhere else!
• Ten challenging mini-games that will keep you guessing!
• Bring the atmosphere of adventure home with 14 bonus music tracks!
• Check out a collection of downloadable wallpapers just for you!

Jewel Match Origins 3: Camelot Castle Collector's Edition {Final-LeeGT}

Jewel Match Origins 3: Camelot Castle
Collector's Edition

The newest game in the sparkling Jewel Match series will take you on a royal trip! As you solve match-3 problems and gain the ability to construct and design the legendary Camelot Castle, discover your inner architect. Use the power of gems to open up new castle features, and marvel at how your building develops from a simple base to a magnificent stronghold worthy of a king or queen. Explore vast levels that are brimming with hidden gems. To get extra resources, play bonus minigames with riddles and hidden object sequences. Look through the many products that are for sale in the store. Take off on a thrilling Match-3 adventure unlike any other. Will you be the mastermind behind fate and construct the most magnificent castle the realm has ever seen? You are on a journey, virtuous puzzler!

Collector's Edition Features:
- Discover 200 enormous levels!
- Explore 40 more extra stages that present fresh aspects of the game!
- Select from three distinct game modes: Limited Moves, Relaxed, and Timed!
- Choose from three difficulty settings to personalize your experience: Normal, Advanced, and Extreme.
- Construct a splendid fortress and arrange its rooms.
- Upgrade your gameplay by buying strong boosts and other upgrades from the in-game store.
- Engage in captivating 'find the difference' challenges and intriguing puzzles in mini-games that you may replay.
- Unlock stunning desktop backgrounds.
- Take in a calming soundtrack.

New Yankee 14: Through the History Mirror Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

New Yankee 14: Through the History Mirror
Collector's Edition

Guide John, Mary, and their pals on two spectacular parallel adventures filled with thrills, peril, and routine errands! Explore unknown worlds and times, and navigate mystical phenomena as you accompany them in their journey through space and time.

- 45 fascinating levels and 11 levels with mini-games.
- Three difficulty modes: easy, normal, and hard.
- Various types of mini-games.
- Lots of accomplishments.
- Simple mouse actions provide intuitive gameplay.

Collector’s Edition Exclusive Content:
- Plus 15 new levels + two levels with mini-games.
- Levels Strategy Guide.
- Original soundtracks for download.
- Downloadable wallpapers.
- Separate access to clips, character descriptions, a guide, and a puzzle.
- Collectible puzzle pieces.

Nightshade Mysteries: Eternal Moon Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

Nightshade Mysteries: Eternal Moon
Collector's Edition

Civilization in 1930s Southern Europe shuns ancient magic in favor of technology. But a resurgence of Moon Worshippers, the Anaxagori, alarms citizens with news of an Eternal Lunar Eclipse, which is simply an extraordinary celestial event to most. While returning from an archaeological expedition, Helena Nightshade is unaware until she arrives in Istanbul. Helping a friend restore an artifact, she learns of the eclipse’s significance and becomes entangled. Initially drawn by adventure, Helena discovers fate’s hand in her involvement as she discovers the truth behind the eclipse and the enigmatic Anaxagori!

• Six additional chapters to challenge your talents and test your skills!
• Bonus wallpapers to immerse you in the mystery!

Detectives United 7: Mission Possible Collector's Edition [FINAL-LeeGT]

Detectives United 7: Mission Possible
Collector's Edition

When a string of disappearances from the town of Myst Hill coincides with strange animal sightings, the Detectives Unites team is on the case! But when a car crash separates you from your teammates, it quickly becomes a race against the clock to save them. With dangerous animal-like creatures roaming the streets and a dark organization out to end Detectives United, can you play as your favourite characters, use multiple special abilities, and bridge the gap between past and present in time? Find out in this exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

• When one of the agents is wrongly accused, it's up to you to set the record straight in the bonus game!
• Replay your favourite HOPs and mini-games and earn achievements!
• Tons of hidden figurines and puzzle pieces to find!
• Enjoy screensavers, a soundtrack, wallpapers, a secret room, and more!
• Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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