The Complete Python For Quantum Computing Course

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The Complete Python For Quantum Computing Course
Published 6/2024
Created by Arda Hayri Abay
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Learn everything you need to know about Python for Quantum Computing in one complete course!

What you'll learn:
Computer Science
Programming Languages
Conditional Statements (if, elif, else)
Loops (while, for)
Data Types
Python Libraries
Arithmetic Operations and Mathematics
Comparison Statements
Boolean Logic
No programming or Computer Science experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
Welcome to the Introduction to The Complete Python for Quantum Computing Course!Throughout this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Python for Quantum Computing.Quantum computers are expected to change the technological systems we know and our lives in the upcoming years. Although classical computers and general programming have numerous abilities, some computational problems are extremely hard for them to solve. On the other hand, quantum computers can solve these problems in seconds! If you want to learn about this exciting future technology and prepare yourself for the quantum revolution, this is the perfect course for you!The course, as one of the parts of The Complete Introduction to Quantum Computing Course, has been designed to cover the important concepts to learn about one of the most popular programming language, Python to get ready to learn about Quantum Computing, Quantum Coding, and Qiskit programming language. As a "complete" course, we will learn Python from zero to intermediate level with real life coding examples! We are going to cover important Python concepts like computer science, programming languages, algorithms, conditional statements (if, elif, else), loops (while, for), functions, lists, variables, data types, Python libraries, boolean logic, arithmetic operators and relevant mathematics, comparison statements, and many more. Also, you will have the chance to develop your practical abilities by solving numerous quizzes and a graded assignment, and earn a worldwide recognized certificate at the end of the course!Throughout the course we will cover:What is Computer Science?What are the Programming Languages?AlgorithmsWhy are we Learning Python?Python FundamentalsVariablesNamin VariablesData TypesArithmetic Operators and Relevant MathsComparison StatementsBoolean LogicConditional Statements (if, elif, else)Loops (while, for)FunctionsListsUseful List MethodsPython LibrariesMath Library *You can learn everything you need to know about Quantum Computing from beginner to advanced level via accessing to "The Complete Introduction to Quantum Computing Course" (Currently in development stage)About Instructor: My name is Arda Hayri Abay. I'm a Quantum Computing Software Developer. I'm currently working as a Section Leader (Instructor) at Stanford University Code in Place. I have completed the nine month-long Quantum Computing and Mathematics program organised by IBM, and taught by the researchers of MIT and the University of Oxford with full-scholarship and 99.1% GPA in high school. During my career, I have worked at Citi Bank as an Early Insight Participant. With three years of teaching experience, I have decided to publish courses on Udemy to share my knowledge with people who have interest and are eager to learn.
Who this course is for:
Students who want to learn about Python and Quantum Computing
Anyone curious about Computer Science or Quantum Computing

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