Primordial Chi Kung (qigong)

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Primordial Chi Kung (qigong)
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A Taoist form of Qigong movements that enables connection with the source
What you'll learn
To have an understanding of the origin and benefits of this set
To be able to practice the moves confidently
To benefit from the practice in an energetic way as well as physically
All required knowledge (for those without or would like to recap) can be found in the Resources Section
You will need a clear area, preferably outside, for best results
Wear comfortable clothing. If medically permissible, practice barefoot
What is it?
Primordial Qigong, developed by the Taoist sage Chang San Feng reflects the Taoist theory of the birth of the universe. The concepts of Primordial Qigong were based on the observations of nature, the perception of the alternating balance of energy of the primal forces (yin yang) and the relationship between heaven, humanity and earth.
The Primordial Qigong set combines tai chi, feng shui, chi kung (qigong) and inner alchemy, which is a powerful form of Taoist meditation.
Primordial Qigong captures the "subtle breath" or Qi flow of the Heaven (Universe) and Earth, fusing it into the human body gathering chi inward to the core of one's being in graceful beautiful, effortless spirals.
Course Details
Each part of the set is shown in detail, in close and from distance. The demonstrator is one of my leading instructors and I was taught by Barry Spendlove on a 4 day retreat, in 2011 during which we visited Stonehenge and practised the routine in the stone circle.
Who this course is for
Anyone who enjoys sequences of moves
Those who would like the challenge of learning sequences
It probably would be of very little interest to the raw beginner

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