East and West by Julius Evola (Audiobook)

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East and West by Julius Evola (Audiobook)

East and West by Julius Evola (Audiobook)

English | 2023 | M4B@127 Kbps | ASIN: B0CNDBNT52 | Duration: 7:07 h | 389 MB
Julius Evola / Narrated by Sanctus Arya Audio

Plumb the depths of Eastern philosophy and esoteric knowledge with a gripping audio rendition of East and West by Julius Evola. Woven into a tapestry of Eastern Tradition and spirituality, listeners will find Western parallels, many of a common Indo-European origin.

In this enthralling work, Evola unveils the hidden meanings behind art and symbolism in Eastern religions. With a voice that brings the text alive, passages are crafted to engage your senses and deepen your understanding.

As the narration unfolds, listeners are initiated into powerful, transformative rites and practices allowing one to transcend mere physicality and embody the Divine. This is a journey for the seeker, philosopher, and mystic — an invitation to unite knowledge with action and spirit with body.

East and West is itself a harmony of opposites, finding balance through shared origin and similar purpose. It is a key to unlocking mysteries that have captivated humanity through the ages.

This audiobook is not just a listening experience; it is a passage to another plane of understanding. Learn the ancient wisdom of both Orient and Occident through Evola's discerning and erudite lens.


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