The Wolf Who Saved the Omega: M/M Omega Mpreg Romance - Max Rose

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The Wolf Who Saved the Omega: M/M Omega Mpreg Romance - Max Rose

epub | 7.68 MB | English | | Author: Max Rose | Year: 2022

About ebook: The Wolf Who Saved the Omega: M/M Omega Mpreg Romance

Two rival wolves have one last chance to change the shifter world...

Alex MacGregor is a tough-as-they-come wolf shifter with the Chimera Company Special Forces. What starts as a rescue mission in the ruins of Old Detroit soon ends up changing his life. Not only does Alex's wolf insist the shifter he's sent to rescue is his mate, but David Casey isn't a typical omega. He's an agent for the government, sent on a secret mission to get a blood sample from a lagodire—dangerous shifter hybrids created by government experiments. Alex and David immediately fail to hit it off, which doesn't bode well for that whole "fated mate" thing. How is Alex supposed to deal with a mate who seems more enemy than lover most of the time? The desire is there, but the closer he gets to David, the more the man pushes him away. The roguish smile Alex has relied on all his life won't be nearly enough to win the heart of this omega.

David Casey has spent most of his life alone, fighting for his country in dangerous places and doing things that stayed secret. His life hasn't been easy. People judge him for being an omega, and now Alex has flooded his life with irritating complications and stirred up his wolf instincts. But only with Alex's help can he save a pregnant lagodire omega named Lowku from a horrible fate. Not only is Lowku his friend, but the secrets in his blood might provide the cure to the shifter cancer that has plagued wolves since they were created. Saving Lowku changes David, and helping with the birth of Lowku's children brings out a new side to him. As does looking into Alex's eyes, seeing his smile...and sharing a kiss. After a passionate and reckless night with Alex, it isn't long until David discovers he is pregnant too. But bringing peace to New Detroit might be a cakewalk compared to the chance for a happy family with Alex and their soon-to-be baby.

Reader note: contains M/M Mpreg, wolf shifters, and gay fantasy romance

Category:Romance, Fiction, Paranormal Romance, LGBT Fiction, Other Romance Categories, Romantic Fiction Themes, Fantasy Romance->Other, Gay Romance - Other, LGBT Romance, Romance - Unforeseen and Unlikely Loves, Romance - Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters

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