The Alpha Heir: M/M Omega Mpreg Romance - Max Rose

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The Alpha Heir: M/M Omega Mpreg Romance - Max Rose

epub | 7.73 MB | English | | Author: Max Rose | Year: 2021

About ebook: The Alpha Heir: M/M Omega Mpreg Romance

An omega scientist desperate to find a cure confronts his biggest challenge—an alpha heir determined to save his life...

Scientist Phillip Anderson has dedicated his life to finding a cure for shifter cancer. He's an omega wolf—a shifter with a genetic mutation that allows a male to bear a child—and omega genes are the key to his breakthrough. He doesn't care that he's overworking himself, with no love life and nothing beyond his research. He only cares about ending the disease. The final thing he needs is a genetic sample from a lagodire omega. But the savage lagodire hybrids only live inside the ruins of Old Detroit. To help him, he wants to hire elite ex-soldier Lance Briggs. Which is a problem. Not only is Lance handsome and tough, with a grin that gets Phillip's heart beating fast, but the man wants absolutely nothing to do with taking him into a dangerous, walled-off city filled with monsters. But Lance has a weakness that might sway things in Phillip's favor. The wolf shifter dreams of starting a family of his own, and Phillip is willing to give Lance anything he wants to find the cure to a deadly disease...including his heart.

Years ago, Lance turned his back on the duties of an alpha heir and joined the elite Chimera Company to make a difference in the world. When a desperate Phillip turns to him for help, he can't find it in his heart to walk away, especially since the omega is exactly his type. But he refuses to let Phillip throw away his life chasing after mythical lagodire omegas. His refusal drives the scientist straight into the arms of a ruthless alpha who promises Phillip everything he wants. It soon becomes clear Phillip is little more than a prisoner, and the alpha intends to exploit the cure for his own profit. Lance must help the omega, but things are never easy, especially when Phillip has no intention of being rescued. After Lance gets Phillip pregnant, the stakes grow even higher. He must act quickly to save the omega who has stolen his heart and rescue the precious life Phillip carries inside...

Reader note: contains M/M Mpreg, wolf shifters, hot romance elements, and male male love

Category:Fiction, Romance, LGBT Fiction, Other Romance Categories, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Fiction Themes, Gay Romance - Other, LGBT Romance, Paranormal Romance - General, Romance - Unforeseen and Unlikely Loves, Romance - Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters

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