Giving the Alpha an Heir - Max Rose

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Giving the Alpha an Heir - Max Rose

epub | 7.69 MB | English | | Author: Max Rose | Year: 2020

About ebook: Giving the Alpha an Heir (MM Omega Mpreg Romance)

A fierce alpha who gets everything he wants, and an omega who only wants to belong...

Years ago, shifters and humans were driven from Detroit by a savage hybrid of hyena and reptile created in a government lab. The once-proud city is now in ruins, but Jacob Kross intends to change that. Jake is wealthy, powerful, and an alpha wolf shifter leading one of the largest packs in New Detroit. He is building an alliance to fulfill his late father's dream of reclaiming their territory. Only Jake has a problem. The other pack alphas demand that he produce an heir or lose his place as head of the shifter council. Jake grudgingly agrees, but he rejects any political betrothal to a female from the other packs. If he has to breed, he might as well do it with a male, the gender he prefers between the sheets. Besides, an omega—the result of a genetic shifter mutation that allows a male to carry a child—will guarantee him the heir he needs. Only he never counted on one vulnerable, wide-eyed omega stealing his way into Jake's guarded heart...

Gavin is an omega wolf without a pack. He grew up on the streets of New Detroit as a homeless refugee. For him, life has always been a struggle made worse by his inherently submissive nature. So when a wealthy alpha suddenly promises him a huge amount of money to give birth to his heir, Gavin sets aside his reservations and signs the contract. Jacob Kross is just as dominant, fierce, and intense as he imagined. The alpha intends to breed Gavin the old-fashioned way, and that has him both terrified and excited. But as he comes to know Jake, it grows harder to avoid falling in love with the alpha whose ferocity and ambition hides a kind, generous heart. He knows that after he gives Jake an heir, the contract is over, and his time with the alpha is done. Gavin only wants a pack of his own and someone to love him, but politics and Jake's ambitions make that impossible...and time is running out.

Reader note: contains M/M Mpreg, wolf shifters, hot romance elements, and male male love

Category:Fiction, Romance, LGBT Fiction, Other Romance Categories, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Fiction Themes, Gay Romance - Other, LGBT Romance, Paranormal Romance - General, Romance - Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters, Steamy Romance

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