Cisdem Video Compressor 2.0.0

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Cisdem Video Compressor 2.0.0

Cisdem Video Compressor 2.0.0
Windows x64 | File size: 64.46 MB

Interested in a speedy solution for compressing video and audio? Cisdem Video Compressor does it with a single percentage adjustment. Slim down file from 10%-90% size off straight away.

Reduce Media File By 90% - Super Fast and Quality-assured.
- Compress video/audio by percentage, file size, and parameters.
- Compress multiple media files in bulk without compromising quality.
- Support nearly all input and output formats.
- Play the original file as well as preview the output file.
- Only take 3 steps to complete.

Target a File Size (Recommended)
Move the slider left and right to adjust the file size. "Variable Bit Rate (VBR)" will smartly adjust the bitrate based on the complexity of the content, estimating the final file size range. "Constant Bit Rate (CBR)" will specify a fixed output file size.

Target a Parameter Value
Use more high-performance video and audio encoders like H265, AV1, AAC, etc. Alternatively, reduce resolution, frame rate, sample rate, or channel count to decrease the amount of data.

Lossless Compression
Effortlessly reduce or eliminate data redundancy in your media files via VBR encoding or other compression methods. Strike the optimal balance between shrinking size and maintaining quality.

Batch Compression
Drag and drop multitude audio and video files into the app for one-time compression. Refuse boring and repetitive operations, multiplying the efficiency of study and work.

Fast Compression
Cisdem Video Compressor takes full advantage of Intel QSV, AMD VCE, and NVIDIA CUDA/NVENC hardware acceleration. Unlock their potential to gather speed.

Your go-to for all media file compression needs
Simple interface, lightweight, but every feature is there, empowering your multimedia compressing journey.

- Compress Video - Compress any large video, including 4K and 8K video.
- Compress Audio - Make lossless audio smaller but keep its richness.
- Support Any Popular Format - Compress MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, etc.
- Integrate a Media Player - Play and check your media content before compressing.
- Information-rich Ul - Display file size, resolution, duration, format pre- and post-compression.
- Three Quality Options - Choose from High, Medium, or Low. You decide the quality, which does not affect the final file size.
- Preview - Quickly view the effect of compression.

What's new

System Requirements
- 1GHz or above Intel processor, AMD processor
- 512MB physical RAM (memory) or more
- 100MB or more for installation
- Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Windows11 64 bit OS required


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