Report Home Sale: Rental Converted to Main Home for Landlord

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Report Home Sale: Rental Converted to Main Home for Landlord
Report Home Sale: Rental Converted to Main Home for Landlord
Published 5/2024
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TurboTax: Minimize Capital Gains Tax When Reporting Home Sale That Was a Rental (Non-Qualified Days), Sec. 121 Exclusion

What you'll learn
Understand how to MINIMIZE CAPITAL GAINS TAX on home sales through effective strategies, enticing homeowners and investors seeking immediate tax savings.
Master the application of SECTION 121 EXCLUSION to qualify for tax benefits, providing a tangible advantage for homeowners looking to reduce tax liabilities.
Learn practical techniques to accurately identify and calculate NON-QUALIFIED DAYS, ensuring precise reporting and potential tax savings.
Gain proficiency in TURBOTAX for home sale reporting, enabling participants to STREAMLINE THE REPORTING PROCESS and SAVE TIME on tax preparation.
Explore real-life examples and case studies to illustrate complex concepts, enhancing understanding and confidence in applying TAX STRATEGIES.
Develop expertise in DEPRECIATION RECAPTURE CALCULATION for rental periods or home business usage, empowering individuals to OPTIMIZE TAX OUTCOMES.
Navigate TURBOTAX effectively for reporting various scenarios, including RENTALS CONVERTED TO PRIMARY HOMES and vice versa.
Discover strategies for MINIMIZING CAPITAL GAINS TAX, including TAX-DEFERRED EXCHANGES and LIKE-KIND EXCHANGES, providing actionable insights for TAX PLANNING.
Enroll RISK-FREE with Udemy's 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't see transformative results within 30 days, get 100% of your investment back.

Basic Understanding of Real Estate Transactions: Familiarity with the basics of buying, selling, or investing in real estate will be helpful but not mandatory.
Access to TurboTax: Ensure you have access to TurboTax Online to follow along with the course tutorials.

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