The Note-maker's Playbook

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The Note-maker's Playbook
English | January 6, 2024 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0CRQLM2GV | 240 pages | EPUB | 4.03 Mb

Are you a note-taker, or a note-maker? Take a page out of this book to find out.
What would you say were critical life skills you needed to get by? Budgeting. the ability to communicate. critical thinking. note-making?
That last one may have thrown you for a loop. After all, who needs notes after they leave school?
Actually, everyone does.
As a presenter, you need them to create experiences that educate, persuade, and wow your audiences. But did you know despite all your hard work, your audience is destined to forget most of what you said within an hour?
That's not all. Ebbinghaus's Forgetting Curve Theory states that by the end of the week, 75 percent of what they remembered will be gone as well.
Retaining information is no sure thing, unless effort is made. Notes help. And you can help your audience by enabling them to make the best notes.
Notice we said "make." Beyond mere note-taking, the "note-making" process allows audiences to form connections with your material and extend its expiry date in their minds, all while laying the groundwork for future exploration of the topic.
In his New York Times bestseller, "Brain Rules," professor and molecular biologist John Medina, says note-making is more likely to happen when the information resonates with your audience and you give them time to make these connections.
This book outlines several easy-to-master techniques you can use to facilitate both processes, thereby boosting your audiences' note-making abilities. It will teach you
How you can become a more impactful presenter and what do notes have to do with it. (Hint: These aren't the notes you took in school)
The 10 presenter types. Which one are you and how best to leverage this for your presentation. no matter the audience
What role your delivery style plays in what the audience remembers—it isn't as straightforward as you think
Why who is in your audience is just as important as what you're about to say
Which 5 education myths do you need to bust to be the presenter your audience needs
How to expand your instructional design to cater to persons with disabilities with sensitivity and tact
What's this 4-step presenter shortcut for info-packed shareable material
What's a "second brain". why do presenters need one. and why is your audience going to THANK YOU for building one
. and much, much more!
This book is not a series of anecdotes strung together with little actionable advice included. It also isn't a weighty, scholarly rehashing of abstract theories on retention or memory.
Instead, you'll get the best of both worlds: a manageable, easy-to-digest guide that is packed with accessible, immediately implementable strategies.
As a presenter, you have enough to do without worrying about whether your material will resonate with the audience. Use this book to increase the chances that it will.

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