Self-sufficient Living For Beginners

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Self-sufficient Living For Beginners
English | June 22, 2023 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0C946QS55 | 128 pages | EPUB | 3.22 Mb

Self-sufficient living for beginners
How to become more self-sufficient in life planning, living, food and energy supply
The lonely mountain cabin in the forests of Canada - complete seclusion, a retreat from the stress of our unhinged world. Who doesn't occasionally dream of achieving complete independence in life and living with nature, rather than against it?
Wouldn't it be great if you could direct your life towards more self-sufficiency, to live more sustainably and minimally?
This guidebook will teach you the basics of self-sufficient living and self-sufficiency. You will get a guide to realign your life according to your standards and live more sustainably. Gain more control and independence in your life and become happier and more fulfilled in everything you do.
About the author of the book, Friedhelm Weiss
Friedhelm Weiss now lives himself completely self-sufficient and in harmony with the nature that surrounds him. He has reduced his footprint in the world as much as possible in order to use the limited resources of the earth as little as possible. Today, he does not rely on any external energy, food or water supply, but produces everything he consumes on his own land.
The theoretical and practical knowledge he has built up over many years in this field he passes on in his books to as wide a readership as possible. He alone cannot change anything, but if the philosophy of absolute sustainability is applied by the masses, at least in part, he can help to improve the relationship between man and nature in a sustainable way.
Get a copy of this book today and learn.
. what self-sufficient living means,
. what you need to become self-sufficient.
. and how you can achieve more self-sufficiency in all areas of your life.
If you want to align your life more independently, this is the right book for you.
. so my tip is: grab it fast!
Contents of the book
About the author
What is self-sufficient living?
Mindset: Head first!
Is self-sufficiency minimalist?
The 4 guiding principles of self-sufficient living
Guiding principle 1: You have things you don't need
Guiding principle 2: You decide yourself which things you need
Guiding principle 3: If you know what you don't need, get rid of it
Guiding principle 4: Stop buying things you don't need
Self-Sufficiency Management: An Overview
Cost savings
Debt reduction
Time management
Prevent sensory overload
More joie de vivre
How to become self-sufficient
Task list
The quick method with the 4 boxes
The 1-month plan for your self-sufficiency
Live self-sufficiently
Power supply and heating
Wind energy
Solar energy
Other methods
Water supply and waste water
Waste disposal
Self-sufficient diet
The own vegetables
Working with nature
Without garden
Small garden or terrace
Large garden
Sowing, care and harvest
Storage and preservation
Storage options
Good from nature
Own skills

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