Creative Writing: Kids' Interactive Book-writing Workshop

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Creative Writing: Kids' Interactive Book-writing Workshop
Published 5/2024
Created by Ray Ronan
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Kids Write Now: Unleash Your Child's Imagination with Authorship

What you'll learn:
Boost Creativity & Confidence: Kids create books, boosting self-esteem
Learn Business Skills: Practical insights into book sales & marketing
Foster Love for Reading: Enhances literacy through engaging writing
Teach Project Management: Skills in planning and executing book projects
No previous writing experience required...
Empower Your Child's Future with 'Kids Write A Book'Discover the joy and transformative power of storytelling with our unique online course designed for young learners. "Kids Write A Book" offers a path to boost confidence, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills by guiding children through the process of writing and publishing their own book. Using simple, engaging methods that mirror professional planning techniques, this course makes writing accessible and exciting. Your child will not only learn to express their thoughts and feelings through narrative but also gain essential life skills in a supportive, interactive environment. Join us to unlock your child's potential and watch them flourish as authors and creators!Do you know how much it will cost you to publish their book and get a copy in their hands? After the book is created, you can get a copy delivered for about $5! Where can you get that kind of achievement for the price of a coffee?When my two boys were 5 and 9, they said, "Daddy publishes books, can't be that hard, can we publish ours?"They were right! Now they have 11 books published, and are creating more. They are 13 and 17. Let's do it, let's start your child on an incredible journey today. "Let's start your child on this incredible journey today. Don't wait—begin now and cherish the progress. Remember, they're only kids for a short time. —Ray, Finn, and Jake
Who this course is for:
This course is designed for children aged 6-12, aiming to unveil the world of storytelling and book creation. It's perfect for young minds curious about expressing ideas, whether through imaginative tales or exploring real-world topics in non-fiction. No prior interest in writing is necessary—just a spark of curiosity. We empower students to explore, create, and confidently embark on their literary journey, fostering a sense of achievement and the joy of learning new skills.
Through engaging, step-by-step guidance, we especially invite children who may need an extra uplift in confidence, self-esteem, or mindfulness. Our approach offers a supportive and understanding environment, encouraging kids to find their voice and place in the world. It's a chance for them to discover their strengths, express themselves freely, and realize their potential, making this course not just about writing, but about growing and thriving in every aspect.

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