Python Fundamentals" Building Blocks For Aspiring Developer"

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Python Fundamentals" Building Blocks For Aspiring Developer"
Published 5/2024
Created by E-Learning Edge
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Learn Python in a Professional way from scratch. Zero to Hero in 37 Days!

What you'll learn:
At the end of the course you will have solid foundation of Python, to be able use Python to build software applications, ranging from simple scripts to complex
You will be able to conduct Python Programming projects step by step, understanding all the logic and ending with advanced practical examples and projects
You will acquire foundational Python skills, set up a development environment, and understand basic programming concepts
You will master fundamental data structures including lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries for data manipulation
You will learn to Implement control structures such as conditional statements and loops to manage program logic
You will learn to create reusable code blocks with functions, exploring scope, lambda functions, and decorators
You will learn advance data manipulation skills with comprehensions and nested data structures
You will learn to handle files proficiently, mastering operations across different file formats and error management
You will apply OOP concepts to build modular programs using classes, inheritance, and polymorphism
You will learn to organize code effectively using modules and packages, managing dependencies with best practices
You will learn to integrate external APIs into applications, mastering HTTP requests and data handling
You will Combine all learned skills to plan, develop, and present a comprehensive Python project
You will be able to practice the content learned in a practical way by following all the steps in the complete exercises and the hands-on projects
You will start with the basics and progressively carry out more complex steps until you gain confidence in coding abilities
Installing and preparing needed environment to follow the practical sessions (if you don't know how, don't worry, it's very easy, and I'll explain it to you in the course!)
A decent computer and of course, desire to learn!
Become a Python professional and learn one of employer's most requested skills nowadays!This comprehensive course is designed so that Absolute Beginners, Students, IT staff such as data scientists, backend developers, or automation engineers. can learn Python Programming from scratch to use it in a practical and professional way. Never mind if you have no experience in the topic, you will be equally capable of understanding everything and you will finish the course with total mastery of the subject.After several years working in IT, we have realized that learning Python is very important. Whether for professional development, academic purposes, or personal projects, learning Python offers a powerful tool for solving a broad spectrum of problems and opens up a myriad of opportunities in the tech world. Knowing how to use this tool can give you many job opportunities and many economic benefits, especially in the world of Information technology.The big problem has always been the complexity to perfectly understand Python requires, since its absolute mastery is not easy. In this course we try to facilitate this entire learning and improvement process, so that you will be able to carry out and understand your own projects in a short time, thanks to the step-by-step, detailed and hands-on examples of every concept.With almost 15 exclusive hours of video, this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned! It includes both practical exercises and theoretical examples to learn Python.We will start with Course dynamics and setup of the needed work environment on your computer, regardless of your operating system and computer.Then, we'll cover a wide variety of topics, including:Day 1: "Getting Started with Python: An Introduction to Programming"Day 2: "Python Basics: Syntax and Fundamental Data Types" Day 3: "Understanding Python Operators and Basic I/O Operations" Day 4: "Mastering String Manipulation in Python" Day 5: "Lists in Python: Operations and Methods" Day 6: "Exploring Tuples in Python: Usage and Characteristics" Day 7: "Working with Sets: Methods and Set Operations"Day 8: "Diving into Dictionaries: Key-Value Pair Management" Day 9: "Conditional Statements: Directing the Flow of Your Python Programs" Day 10: "Looping Techniques: While Loops and Control Statements" Day 11: "Advanced Looping: For Loops and Iterating Over Collections" Day 12: "Complex Flows: Nested Loops and Practical Exercises" Day 13: "Fundamentals of Python Functions: Definition and Usage" Day 14: "Deep Dive into Function Arguments and Return Values" Day 15: "Variable Scope and Lifetime in Functions" Day 16: "Advanced Functions: Lambda and Decorators" Day 17: "Enhancing Lists with Comprehensions" Day 18: "Unpacking Tuples and Using Set Comprehensions" Day 19: "Mastering Dictionaries with Comprehensions" Day 20: "Organizing Complex Data Structures" Day 21: "Introduction to File Handling: Basics of Reading and Writing Files" Day 22: "Advanced File Operations: File Modes and Writing Techniques" Day 23: "Working with CSV Files and Managing Errors" Day 24: "Hands-On File Handling: Practical File Management Exercises" Day 25: "Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming: Classes and Objects" Day 26: "Exploring Constructors, Instance and Class Variables" Day 27: "Inheritance in Python: Extending Classes" Day 28: "Polymorphism in Action: Overloading and Overriding Methods" Day 29: "Utilizing Python Modules and Exploring the Standard Library" Day 30: "Managing Third-Party Packages and Understanding pip" Day 31: "Creating Your Own Python Modules and Packages" Day 32: "Best Practices for Organizing Modules and Packages" Day 33: "Connecting to the World: Making HTTP Requests" Day 34: "Handling JSON and API Responses" Day 35: "Building a Web Scraper with Python" Day 36: "API Integration: Developing a Weather Forecast Application" Day 37: "Capstone Project: Applying Python Skills to Build a Real-World Application" Mastery and application of absolutely ALL the functionalities of Python Quizzes, Practical exercises, mini projects, complete project and much more!In other words, what we want is to contribute our grain of sand and teach you all those things that we would have liked to know in our beginnings and that nobody explained to us. In this way, you can learn to build and manage a wide variety of projects and make versatile and complete use of Python. And if that were not enough, you will get lifetime access to any class and we will be at your disposal to answer all the questions you want in the shortest possible time.Learning Python has never been easier. What are you waiting to join?
Who this course is for:
Absolute Beginners in Programming
High school, college, or university students, and recent graduates who want to enhance their skill set and improve their employability in technology-related fields
IT staff and other tech professionals seeking to upskill or transition to roles that specifically require Python, such as data scientists, backend developers, or automation engineers!

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