Midline Neck Swellings: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges

Laser 22 Apr 2024 16:18 LEARNING » e-book

Midline Neck Swellings: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031485645 | 372 Pages | PDF (True) | 18 MB

In addition to information on the surgical anatomy of the neck with particular emphasis on midline cervical regions, and the classification and clinical approach for diagnosis and management of neck swellings, the chapters explore cervical lymphadenopathy, swellings of the submental region, swellings of the hyoid bone region, swellings of the laryngeal/pharyngeal region, swellings of the tracheal region, and swellings of the supra-space of Burns. The last chapter emphasizes the importance of scheduling regular follow-ups as well as patient counselling and education.



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