Training Related Taxes Within The B-bbee Space

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Training Related Taxes Within The B-bbee Space
Published 4/2024
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Gain a full understanding of the taxes that fund training in South Africa
What you'll learn
What legislation is effective in the training environment?
How does the learnership allowance function?
What are the rules relating to ETI
Recent changes to legislation
Background in training and / or taxes
The purpose of this course:•Specific sections•Section 12H – Learnerships•Employment Tax incentive•Only 2 things in life are certain:•Death•Taxes•Taxes are complex, and differ for each transaction•Taxes are "fixed" when the transaction takes place and cannot be altered afterwards•Remind the client/you of potential tax implicationsNEVER base a transaction purely on tax•Section 12H - provides a deduction to an employer in addition to any other deductions allowable under the Act for any registered learnership agreement if all the requirements of section 12H are met. •Two types of deductions are available, namely –an annual allowance, to which the employer is entitled in any year of assessment in which a learner is a party to a registered learnership agreement[section 12H(2) and (2A)];a completion allowance during any year of assessment in which the learner successfully completes the learnership[section 12H(3), (3A), (4) and 4A]•Is registered for Employees' Tax (PAYE), or must be eligible to register for PAYE (e.g. the employer can't register just to claim ETI, other registration requirements must be met)•Excludes:•Is not in the national, provincial or local sphere of government•Is not a public entity listed in Schedule 2 or 3 of the Public Finance Management Act•Is not a municipal entity•Is not disqualified by the Minister of Finance due to the displacement of an employee or by not meeting the conditions as may be prescribed by the Minister by regulation.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Purpose of this course
Section 2: Learnership Taxes
Lecture 3 Section 11a
Lecture 4 Section 12H
Lecture 5 Question relating to the relevance of learnership taxes
Lecture 6 Annual Allowance
Lecture 7 Completion Allowance
Lecture 8 References
Section 3: Employment Tax Incentive
Lecture 9 What is ETI
Lecture 10 Who qualifies
Lecture 11 Qualifying Employees
Lecture 12 ETI legislative changes
Lecture 13 References
Section 4: Conclusions
Lecture 14 Conclusion
People interested in training and the funding of that

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