VPN : OpenVPN Server for your home

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VPN : OpenVPN Server for your home
Published 3/2024
Created by Mattia Azzena
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A pratical course for installing your personal VPN server, with a Virtual Machine and Ubuntu Linux and python

What you'll learn:
Learn to configure a VPN server in your home network without any economic expense required.
Learn the basic configuration of a Virtual Machine.
Learn basic notions through commands for Linux Ubuntu 22.
Learn to configure a dynamic domain using simple scripts created in Python with API requests on Cloudflare.

No special networking or programming skills are required, but they are recommended for faster learning. The course is highly practical, so it's easy to understand.

In this practical course you will learn to install and configure your personal VPN server. You will need some basic networking knowledge, and in this case, some Linux knowledge although it's all very straightforward. We'll set up a virtual machine directly on our PC without needing to buy additional hardware, but of course, if you have the financial means, you can do so. We'll install our OpenVPN server on the virtual machine, manage users and logins from the web interface, and be able to use our devices like smartphones and laptops to connect to our VPN.Additionally, we'll use a free domain service to update our home's public IP address for easy network access. In this case, we'll use Cloudflare and we'll need our own domain. We'll use and configure a Python script I've written to update our public IP every ten minutes or what we want and run it on our server.Why does it make sense to create our own server?There are several advantages, including not having to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, being able to access our home local network securely, and accessing our banking apps securely without restrictions or blocks for suspicious activities, such as banking transactions, which have restrictions based on our location when we are away from home, for example, when we are abroad.

Who this course is for:
The course is dedicated to all those who want to configure a local VPN on Windows or on a Linux machine in a practical and comprehensive manner, including access to local files, NAS, etc., and managing a subdomain for easy access.


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