Spanish For Beginners: Pronunciation Bootcamp!

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Spanish For Beginners: Pronunciation Bootcamp!
Published 2/2024
Created by Maria Echeverry
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 18 Lectures ( 2h 25m ) | Size: 2.1 GB

Learn the sounds you should master when starting your spanish journey!

What you'll learn:
Know how to pronounce every vowel and letter in Spanish
Master pronunciation (or basics) of letters R, Y, LL, H and J making the fundamentals of a great local accent
Being able to write what you hear in spanish
Read clearly in Spanish and be understood clearly by a local Spanish speaker
No previous spanish knowledge needed, this course is designed for very beginners
If you are not easily understood by locals, or you can't seem to understand basic spanish words, it is time to work on your pronunciation. Fixing (or avoiding) the problems in your pronunciation in spanish is very important to master spanish fluency.Welcome to our pronunciation bootcamp! Where you will find more than 2 hours of pronunciation exercises, dictates and conversations designed to help you master the basics of a conversation in spanish.Here you will have access to:Short explanationsA book available for downloadAudio filesPdf and flash cardsAccess to our study groupOnce you master this sounds you will be able to read clearly in spanish, remember easier verbs and expressions, and recognize patterns in spanish grammar. We will use more than 200 most used words in the spanish language. Every conversation is carefully design for you using common words, greetings and every day language. We provide you with a book where you can find all the exercises, conversations and a vocabulary that can be used to enhace your learning.Remember we specialize in Latin American spanish and use a pronunciation proper to Colombian Spanish accent, one of the most neutral accent you can find in Latin America.
Who this course is for:
This course is for you if: You want to learn spanish through practice or you don't want unnecessary explanations of complicated grammar concepts. Here you will find short explanations followed by practical exercises in Spanish, a guide for learning Spanish you can use with your tutor or alone, Audios, exercises and a guide on how to practice by yourself/ with a language partner or your teacher


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