Samsung Quick Share v1.0.1444

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Samsung Quick Share v1.0.1444
File Size: 560 KiB (online installer) | Language: English

Share files with your friends quickly, safely and easily with Quick Share. Just a few taps, and you're sending photos, videos, documents and more.
You can even share files between Samsung Galaxy devices and computers from other manufacturers.
Between Samsung Galaxy devices (Smartphones, Tablets) or not, near or far, Quick Share makes file sharing fast and easy.
Why you should use Quick Share
Quick Share makes file sharing easy and fast not only with nearby devices, but between far away ones also. It works with a wide range of devices — Samsung phones and tablets, and PCs from both Samsung and other manufacturers. Sending files to your contacts, Quick Share enables the transfer without any restrictions on distance. Non-Samsung mobile devices can receive files through QR codes and text messages.
Share to nearby devices with just a few taps
You can quickly share photos, videos, documents and other files — of any number and size.
Share instantly with friends, even from a distance
Distance isn't a problem. Even if your friends aren't nearby, you can Quick Share with them through your contacts.
Seamless sharing even with computerss from other manufacturers
Got a Windows computer that isn't a Samsung? Quick Share now works on a wider range of computers - so just download the application from Microsoft store, and you can start sharing with Galaxy devices or computers from other manufacturers.
For smartphones and tablets, only Galaxy products are currently supported. For computers, both Galaxy products and Windows computerss from other brands are supported.
Requirements for Windows computerss: Windows 10/11, Intel Bluetooth/Wi-Fi driver.
Quick Share is pre-installed on Galaxy devices.
How to use Quick Share?: You will get instructions if you scroll down the homepage.
Release NotesChanges inv1.0.1444: some improvements.

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