Anxious Attachment Recovery [Audiobook]

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Anxious Attachment Recovery [Audiobook]

Anxious Attachment Recovery [Audiobook]

English | ISBN: 9798868658617 | 2024 | M4B@64 kbps | ~05:37:00 | 164 MB

Margaret Tacy, Krystina Bailey (Narrator), "Anxious Attachment Recovery: Stop Being Insecure in Love, Overcome Relationship Anxiety, and Learn How to Communicate Your Feelings Effectively"

Does the fear of abandonment haunt you, even in the happiest moments? Have you tried to change, but the grip of anxiety and insecurity holds you back?
Do you find yourself constantly anxious about your relationships?

I know that pain, the silent battles waged within the walls of the mind, the echoes of doubt drowning out every whisper of assurance. I've been there, where every moment away from a loved one is a moment spent in the throes of anxiety. You are not alone, and I understand the silent storm that rages within you.

Does any of these situations sound familiar?

- You're always seeking reassurance, yet it never seems to be enough
- The fear of abandonment is a constant companion, even when you're told you're loved
- You find it hard to trust, and doubts linger, poisoning your peace
- Your emotions are a roller coaster, soaring high and plunging low with every interaction
- You cling, you hold, yet the fear of loss only grows
- Every argument feels like the end, every silence a confirmation of your worst fears
- You're exhausted, worn from the constant anxiety, yet unable to let go

Here's a little sneak preview of what you'll get

- Understanding How Anxious Attachment Affects Your Life
- Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Narcissistic Relationships
- Spotting Red Flags and Green Lights for Compatible Partners
- Move from Anxious Attachment to Secure
- The Power of Saying No and Why It Matters
- Discerning the Two Faces of Anxiety
- Techniques to Manage and Overcome Anxiety
- Ending Codependent Patterns for a Healthier You
- Techniques to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
- Understanding the Trap of Not Feeling Good Enough

The path to freedom, peace, and secure love is before you.


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