SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers 5.0

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SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers 5.0

SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers 5.0

Last updated 11/2023
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Create Your Own Radio Communication System Just Using Your Raspberry PI Device

What you'll learn
What is Software Defined Radio SDR
Learn different types of frequencies
Transmitting different signals using Raspberry PI
How to communicate on radio frequency without internet
Transmitting different data types including text, voice, and image data
Capture and Replay attack on different radio frequency devices
Learn how to use Raspberry PI as a radio frequency transmitter

Raspberry PI 3B+ or Above (Find Details inside Course)
RTL-SDR Dongle (Find Details inside Course)

Have you ever thought how you can transfer data from one system to another wirelessly without internet! Or in some emergency conditions where cell phones and internet is not working how you can communicate? well this is what we will see in our 5th course of SDR for ethical hackers and security researchers.

In this course of SDR we are just going to use Raspberry PI and SDR dongle and create some amazing projects

First, we will setup Raspberry Pi device and install different operating systems into it in a way in which we will not use any keyboard or mouse and this setup will not only help you in this course but in your other courses as well and in your professional life as well.

Then we will do a crash course of SDR so those who haven't watched our pervious courses of SDR can understand the basics of SDR

After that we will move to our first project in which we will create PiAware with Raspberry PI, so PiAware is a system in which you can track all types of planes within your vicinity

We will discuss different types of frequencies which we can transmit on air.

Then we see will how we can transmit different types of data on radio frequency

We will see how to transmit and receive

· Text data

· Image data

· Voice data

And we will do this just on radio frequency without using any type of internet connection

We will also see what is capture and reply attack and how we can capture signals and again retransmit those signals on same frequency and how we can do this attack on different wireless devices

This complete course is based on Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle so don't need any other expensive SDR transmitter or receiver for this course.

Who this course is for
Anyone Interested in Software Defined Radio
Anyone Interested in using Raspberry PI as a radio frequency transmitter
Anyone Interested in decoding radio signals



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