Today's Struggles, Tomorrow's Revolutions Afro-Caribbean Liberatory Thought

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Today's Struggles, Tomorrow's Revolutions  Afro-Caribbean Liberatory Thought
Drucilla Cornell | 2023 | ISBN: 1538168480 | English | 154 pages | ePUB, PDF | 1 MB

The black insurgence movement and experiments in Caribbean socialism, following the work of the committed revolutionary CLR James, have resounding significance for the political struggles of today. This book addresses class struggle and the battle against racialized capitalism, which in turn makes us reconceptualize the idea of revolution, liberation and rebellion by focusing on this great revolutionary theorist.
Renowned political theorist Drucilla Cornell argues that the universal heartbeat of the struggle for socialism is a new praxis of being human together beyond the exploitation of colonial-racial capitalism. On this basis, this book's intervention emphasizes the continuous history of revolution, rather than understanding revolutions as "events" that either succeed or fail. In today's moment, with the simultaneity of the collapse of the post-Cold War neoliberal order and climate change, the struggle over what it means to be human on the planet has taken on a new urgency. Cornell argues that the greatest vectors of this revolutionary struggle for a new humanity are Black, decolonial, and queer movements, as they show us ways of being beyond the reign of white economic man. Placing the insights of these struggles in conversation with "traditional" Marxist thought, this book speaks to the pragmatic questions of insurrection, insurgency, rebellion, and revolution in a way that speaks to the politics of our time.'s_Struggles,_Tomorrow's_Revolution.rar.html

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