Introduction to Quantum Computing: Zero to Shor's Algorithm

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Introduction to Quantum Computing: Zero to Shor's Algorithm

Introduction to Quantum Computing: Zero to Shor's Algorithm

Published 7/2023
Created by Michael Minaca
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Journey into the world of Quantum Computing: From Zero to Shor's Algorithm

What you'll learn
Understand the mathematics behind quantum computers
Understand what a qubit is and some basic single qubit operations
Learn to read quantum circuits, and common multi-qubit gates
Understand common quantum algorithms, including the most popular quantum algorithm: Shor's Algorithm

No experience required, you will learn everything you need to know!

When people first start researching quantum computers, they are usually bombarded with pop-science analogies that just end up confusing them further. Like "quantum computers use qubits that can be both 0 and 1 at the same time".  Most people upon hearing this think that quantum computers are too complex and give up on their search in understanding them. Quantum computing is actually very straight forward if you dive into the mathematics behind it. The analogies will only get you so far, if you want to truly understand how a quantum computer actually works you must understand the maths. And don't worry this isn't boring, repetitive maths like you did in high school, the maths you need in order to understand most of the popular quantum algorithms (like Shor's Algorithm) is pretty simple.This course aims to give you a solid foundation in Quantum Computing, taking you from nothing to understanding how the popular quantum algorithms work. This will highlight why quantum computers are so powerful. All the maths you need for the course is in the first section, then after that we dive straight into understanding Quantum Computers.Thank you for choosing us to be your first introduction to the world of Quantum Computing,Quantum Soar

Who this course is for
Anybody interested in learning Quantum Computing, the computers of the future





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