Engineering Design: A Survival Guide to Senior Capstone (True EPUB)

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Engineering Design: A Survival Guide to Senior Capstone (True EPUB)
English | EPUB (True) | 2023 | 442 Pages | ISBN : 3031233085 | 75.5 MB

Eeering Senior Design is perhaps the course that most resembles what an eeering professional will be required to do during their career; it is the bridge between the acad classroom and the eeering profession. This textbook will support students as they learn to apply their previously-developed skills to solve a complex eeering problem during a senior-level design course.

This textbook follows the design life cycle from project initiation to completion and introduces students to many soft eeering skills, such as communication, scheduling, and technical writing, in the context of an eeering design. Students are instructed how to define an eeering problem with a valid problem statement and requirements document. They will conceptualize a complex solution and divide that solution into manageable subsystems. More importantly, they will be introduced to Project Management techniques that will help students organize workloads, develop functional eeering-teams, and validate solutions, all while increasing the likelihood of a successful completion to the project. Throughout the experience, students are instructed that a well-intentioned solution is not particularly useful unless it can be communicated and documented. To that end, this textbook will help students document their work in a professional manner and to present their ideas to stakeholders in a variety of formal design-reviews.
With the support of this textbook, by the end of a student's senior design experience, each individual will be ready to communicate with other eeering professionals, effectively support eeering design-teams, and manage complex project to solve the next generation's eeering challenges.



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