Growth Hero 3

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Growth Hero 3

epub | 2.7 MB | English | ASIN:‎ B09LTDQCWN | Author: Brent Tyman | Year: 2021


Alex has made some staggering progress in the fantasy world, with his growth skill continuously expanding his stats to some truly overpowered heights. The more he grinds in the Dungeon, the stronger he becomes, and that also rings true for the three stunning mages with him.

Alex's grind has already paid off as the party not only won a tournament, but bested a dangerous foe that rarely appears on the surface. Now that they have saved Tringall, perhaps it was time for a little rest before continuing with the grind.

Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned.

Authors note: Inspired by light novels, RPG's and mangas. Contains Isekai, light LitRPG/ Gamelit stats, dungeons, magic and a touch of trope.

Category:Humorous Fantasy, General Humorous Fiction, Humorous Fiction

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