Blood of the Delphi (The Harmatia Cycle Book 2)

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Blood of the Delphi (The Harmatia Cycle Book 2)

epub | 1.21 MB | English | ASIN:‎ B01MUHLTKP | Author: M.E. Vaughan | Year: 2017


"Praise Harmatia, it is a city of gold and light. Praise it until it crumbles to dust."

Rufus Merle is a wanted man. After twelve years on the run, raising the infant Prince Joshua in secret, the last of the Delphi line now stands in grave peril. Sick, friendless and out of places to hide, Rufus and Joshua are hunted by dangerous alchemists, a deranged assassin, and a powerful faerie goddess, who will do everything in her power to turn Rufus into a living weapon.

With the net closing around them, and the sparks of unrest and rebellion igniting across the Kingdom, Arlen Zachary is forced to question his own allegiance between the Crown, and the people he swore to protect. As the gods play their hands, and the ancient Sidhe prepare to settle a century old feud, Harmatia trembles under the tyrannical rule of a King, whose only commitment is to the dead.

Book Two in the Epic Fantasy series The Harmatia Cycle

Category:New Adult & College Fantasy, New Adult & College Fantasy, Mythology

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