Manga Art With Mixed Media - Copics, Pencils And Pastels

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Manga Art With Mixed Media - Copics, Pencils And  Pastels

Manga Art With Mixed Media - Copics, Pencils And Pastels
Published 5/2023
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Create appealing manga illustrations with Mixed Media

What you'll learn
You will learn what Mixed Media is.
You will learn the benefits of using Mixed Media.
You will learn the tricks behind my coloration technique.
You can follow the coloration process from start to finish and see how the technique is applied.
You have to be interested in creating manga art with traditional media.
Have you ever wondered how you can achieve a smooth coloration when working with traditional media? Then this course is for you.My name is Olga Rogalski from Studio Oruga. I have published manga professionally and have been in love with manga for many many years.In this course I will show you my traditionl coloration technique. I am going to combine alcohol markers, colored pencils and pastels in ordert to create a manga illustration without hard lines.Mixed Media has not only the advantage of reducing the cost of materials but also it plays on the strength the material itself. Markers can be used in spots where a lot of smooth color transitions are required. Colored pencils can be used in order to add very small details. Pan Pastels allow for better blending and adding of subtle color hues. Some materials are great for being applied to bigger areas, others are great for very fine details. Knowing the power of each material gives you a lot more freedom when coloring your manga illustrations!In this course I will adress the coloration of eyes, skin, hair and clothing as well as provide you with an introduction to the materials and my working process.So let´s begin!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is Mixed Media?
Lecture 3 Why would you use Mixed Media?
Lecture 4 What materials do I use?
Lecture 5 My Mixed Media technique
Lecture 6 Step-by-Step Coloration Process - Part 1
Lecture 7 Step-by-Step Coloration Process - Part 2
Lecture 8 Step-by-Step Coloration Process - Part 3
Lecture 9 Step-by-Step Coloration Process - Part 4
Lecture 10 Step-by-Step Coloration Process - Part 5
This course is for anybody who wants to create traditional manga illustration. You do not have to use the exact materials that I use. It's about finding your own mix and trying things out.

Manga Art With Mixed Media - Copics, Pencils And  Pastels

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