Complete Lymphatic Drainage Course

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Complete Lymphatic Drainage  Course

Complete Lymphatic Drainage Course
Published 5/2023
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Online Lymphatic Drainage Course: Learn Advanced Techniques for Successful Therapy.

What you'll learn
In this online lymphatic drainage course, students will learn manual techniques and the main maneuvers to perform massage safely and effectively.
With the lymphatic drainage course, students will understand the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, as well as indications and contraindications.
Participants will learn how to perform facial lymphatic drainage, a technique that helps reduce swelling and improve the appearance of the skin.
The course will address post-operative lymphatic drainage, showing how the technique can aid in recovery and decrease swelling.
In addition, students will learn important concepts about massage therapy and complementary massage techniques to enrich their knowledge in the area.
At the end of the lymphatic drainage course, students will be able to apply the technique in different regions of the body
It is not necessary to have previous massage experience to participate in this online lymphatic drainage course.
The course was developed to serve both beginners and health professionals interested in improving their knowledge in massage therapy techniques.
It is not necessary to have specific training to participate in the lymphatic drainage course, just a willingness to learn and train in the area.
This online lymphatic drainage course is open to all people who want to acquire practical skills in massage techniques.
Welcome to the Lymphatic Drainage online course! Here you will learn all about this manual massage technique that helps eliminate fluids and toxins from the body, in addition to providing a series of health benefits.During the Lymphatic Drainage course, you will be trained to work in different areas, from post-operative treatment to facial relaxation. With a complete approach, the course includes learning Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques, as well as knowledge about massage therapy and massage techniques.For those who want to become a professional in the field of massage therapy, the Lymphatic Drainage course is essential, as this technique is highly sought after by patients seeking pain relief, improved blood circulation, reduced cellulite, improved appearance. of the skin, among other benefits.In addition, the Lymphatic Drainage course is ideal for anyone looking to specialize in post-operative treatments, as this technique is very effective in reducing edema and swelling. You will also learn how to perform Facial Lymphatic Drainage, which promotes the elimination of liquids and toxins, helping to reduce facial swelling and improve the appearance of the skin.During the course, you will have access to theoretical and practical content, as well as video lessons and support materials to complement your studies. At the end of the course, you will be able to perform Lymphatic Drainage sessions safely and efficiently, adding even more value to your resume as a massage therapist.Don't waste any more time and enroll in the Lymphatic Drainage online course right now and take an important step towards a successful career!
Section 1: Module 1
Lecture 1 Possibilities of working with massage therapy
Section 2: Module 2
Lecture 2 How to make an anamnesis sheet
Section 3: Module 3
Lecture 3 posture of the massage therapist
Lecture 4 Massage therapist work environment
Section 4: Module 4
Lecture 5 Neck
Lecture 6 Armpit
Lecture 7 Mediastinum
Lecture 8 Subclavian
Section 5: Module 5
Lecture 9 Pump for armpit
Lecture 10 Walk on the breast
Lecture 11 Shell
Lecture 12 Walk on the chest
Lecture 13 Great Walk
Lecture 14 Neck
Section 6: Module 6
Lecture 15 Long Slide
Lecture 16 Pump up Biceps
Lecture 17 Pomp up triceps
Lecture 18 Short Ring
Lecture 19 Long Ring
Lecture 20 U-arm Glide
Lecture 21 Backhand walk
Lecture 22 Finger slide
Section 7: Module 7
Lecture 23 Long Slide
Lecture 24 Pumping Navel
Lecture 25 Small Circle
Lecture 26 Big Circle
Lecture 27 Pump 4 positions
Lecture 28 Walk at the waist
Lecture 29 Long Slip
Section 8: Module 8
Lecture 30 Long Slide
Lecture 31 Saphenous
Lecture 32 Deep Pumping
Lecture 33 Groin Pump
Lecture 34 Thigh Ring
Lecture 35 Thigh Fan
Lecture 36 Duck Leg
Lecture 37 Knee Pyramid
Lecture 38 Push popliteal inward
Lecture 39 Push Popliteal out
Lecture 40 Pump Popliteal
Lecture 41 Must Popliteal ring
Lecture 42 Ring
Lecture 43 Ankle Slide
Lecture 44 Ring Fingers
Lecture 45 Ring
Section 9: Module 9
Lecture 46 Long Slide
Lecture 47 Venous Pumping
Lecture 48 Pelvic Slip
Lecture 49 Pump Column
Lecture 50 Large Fan
Lecture 51 Duck Soaring
Lecture 52 Side Sliding
Lecture 53 Long Slide
This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning the lymphatic drainage technique, from beginners to health professionals.,If you are a masseur or therapist, this course is a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge and offer new techniques to your clients.,For those looking to specialize in manual lymphatic drainage, this course is ideal for acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge.,The lymphatic drainage course is recommended for people who want to improve their skills in massage techniques and post-operative treatments.

Complete Lymphatic Drainage  Course

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