Certified Fundamentals Of Sustainability Accounting (Sasb)

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Certified Fundamentals Of Sustainability Accounting (Sasb)
Published 5/2023
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Learn SASB - Industry-based approach to standards development, Market-validated model for better Decisions & Disclosures
What you'll learn
Understand the SASB Framework: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework
Learn how SASB's industry-based approach helps organizations identify and report on material sustainability issues.
Apply SASB Standards: Develop the skills to apply SASB standards to various industries and sectors. Learn how to identify and measure key sustainability metrics
Enhance Decision-Making: Explore the link between sustainability accounting and informed decision-making.
Strengthen Disclosures and Reporting: Master the art of effective sustainability disclosures and reporting
Familiarity with sustainability concepts, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors,
Awareness of business operations, management practices, and corporate governance structures.
Welcome to the Certified Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (SASB) course, where you will embark on a transformative journey into the world of sustainability accounting and its vital role in driving better decision-making and disclosures across industries.This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with a deep understanding of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework—an industry-based approach to developing sustainability standards. Whether you're a professional seeking to enhance your knowledge or an aspiring sustainability practitioner, this course provides the essential foundations for mastering SASB principles.Through a carefully curated curriculum, you will gain insights into the SASB reporting framework and its connection to key financial and non-financial metrics. We will explore how SASB's market-validated model helps companies assess and disclose material sustainability information, enabling investors, regulators, and stakeholders to make informed decisions.Led by industry experts, this course combines theoretical concepts with practical examples, case studies, and interactive exercises to strengthen your skills in sustainability accounting. You will learn how to identify, measure, and report on key sustainability issues specific to various industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, and more.By the end of this course, you will have the tools and knowledge to apply SASB standards in real-world scenarios, understand the governance, quality measures, benchmarking , ensuring organizations can effectively navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable business practices. Earn your certification in the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (SASB) and unlock opportunities to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future.Enroll now and join a global community of professionals committed to leveraging sustainability accounting for a more transparent, responsible, and resilient economy.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to SASB
Lecture 2 What is SASB
Section 2: SASB 101- Overview and Roadmap for Implementation
Lecture 3 Why SASB and the Approach Adopted
Lecture 4 Investor Support for SASB implementation
Lecture 5 SASB's Investor Advisory Group
Lecture 6 SASB's Place in Sustainability Landscape
Lecture 7 Myths of SASB
Lecture 8 Implementation of SASB Standards
Lecture 9 Key FAQ's
Section 3: SASB 201 - Getting Prepared, Materiality, Gap Analysis and Benchmarking
Lecture 10 Understanding deeper the SASB Standards-Industry Specific
Lecture 11 Getting Started with SASB-Live case study
Lecture 12 Laying the Ground work
Lecture 13 Benchmarking against the Peers
Lecture 14 Key FAQ's
Section 4: SASB 301- How investors use your ESG Disclosures
Lecture 15 View from the Standard Setter
Lecture 16 Key FAQ's
Section 5: SASB 401- Disclosures Quality, Governance, Controls and Assurance
Lecture 17 SASB Governance, Controls and Assurance
Lecture 18 SASB Standards Disclosure Quality
Professionals in Sustainability and ESG: Sustainability practitioners, ESG analysts, and professionals working in corporate sustainability departments,Financial and Accounting Professionals: Accountants, financial analysts, auditors, and professionals,Corporate Executives and Managers: C-suite executives, directors, and managers responsible for driving sustainability strategies,Investors and Analysts: Investment professionals, portfolio managers, and analysts who seek to incorporate sustainability metrics into their investment decision-making process,Consultants and Advisors: Sustainability consultants, advisors, and professionals providing guidance and support to organizations on sustainability reporting, disclosures, and strategy implementation.

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