Leadership and Operational Indexes for Supply Chain Resilience

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Leadership and Operational Indexes for Supply Chain Resilience

pdf | 3.09 MB | English | ASIN:‎ B0C27B92GF | Author: Maribel Mendoza Solis | Year: 2023


This book presents a novel approach for studying the impact of leadership styles on supply chain resilience using a combination of transactional and transformational leadership. The book consists of two main sections: The first introduces key concepts and provides a framework for understanding the research problem and methodology.
The second section presents five structural equation models developed and validated using data collected from a survey of managers and engineers in the Mexican Maquiladora Industry. These models explore the relationships between key variables, such as agility, flexibility, alertness, and efficiency, and how they are affected by different leadership styles. The findings of this study suggest that a combination of transactional and transformational leadership is highly effective in enhancing resilience and achieving better results during disruptive events. Written in a clear and accessible style, this book is an essential resource for scholars, researchers, and practitioners interested in supply chain management, leadership, and resilience. It contributes to the existing literature on these topics and provides practical insights for improving supply chain performance in today's complex and dynamic business environments.


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