Creative Indoor Photography

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Creative Indoor Photography
Published 5/2023
Created by Kate Silvia
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Five Creative Techniques You Can Try At Home!

What you'll learn
Learn how to think creatively with your camera gear in your own home.
You'll be able to complete several different types of photography setups with simple tools and methods.
Learn to use a light box effectively.
You'll create stunning abstract photographs easily and quickly.
You'll pick up photo editing tips in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
Basic understanding of your dslr or mirrorless camera is needed. Manual exposure is used often in this class.
You'll want a stable tripod for most of these techniques.
Looking for a fun, creative indoor photo activity? These FIVE classes in one complete course are going to provide you with all the information and tools you need to create amazing art at home. The classes are divided into segments for each separate technique.First, you'll photograph water and cooking oil. Then you'll move on to water drops on rain-x treated glass with colorful subjects underneath. After this class, you'll move on to working with milk and food coloring for unique abstracts that even the kids can create with you. Next is a slightly more complicated task of setting up a scene to work with smoke rising from incense and a dedicated flash unit. If you don't own a flash, you can try using bright lights and faster shutter speeds to freeze the smoke. It's a ton of fun. The post processing section of this unit is especially interesting where we get to create fun shapes out of our smoke streams. The final section is going to cover close up butterfly images at home in a light box. If you have kids, this is the one you'll definitely want to include them in. Many classrooms raise these same kinds of critters for life cycle demonstrations. But we're going to raise them in a light box...the perfect environment to get crazy close up images that are nearly impossible outside. No more chasing them around. They're right in front of you. After just a day of photographic euphoria, you'll release them to the wild to live out their lives.These 5 sections are unique and fun. You're going to learn in each segment:The equipment you're going to needThe best way to setupHow to make things easier on yourself...less fussAll sorts of things to look out for that could interfere or distract from how you want your final images to look.LightingFocusingPost processingSafety tipsBy the end of this class, you'll have everything you need to create stunning abstracts of all sorts.Have fun!
Who this course is for
This course is for photographers of all levels.

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