Stalked by the Coach Obsessed - Mayra Statham

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Stalked by the Coach Obsessed - Mayra Statham

epub | 412.09 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BVLSMTMX | Author: Mayra Statham | Year: 2023


Football has been my life.

I've been living and breathing the game for the last forty years.

Until a little cheerleader catches my eye in a dark parking lot after a game. She awakens something inside me. Something dark. A demon with a screw loose who has vowed to keep her safe and claim her for himself despite the fact she's way too young for a man like me.

I've tried to keep my distance, but no matter how hard I try to stay away, our paths keep crossing. For the first time in my life, my priorities are all over the place. Football is no longer the first thing on my list. Trying to keep an eye on the tiny cheerleader who brings out a side of me I didn't know existed surpasses the game.
The darkness inside of me grows. Forcing me to become a man I don't recognize. One who lurks in the shadows, threatens anyone who could hurt her. But that's not enough. Not when we get stuck together for a night breaks my defenses and shatters my control. One kiss obliterates whatever shred of rational thought I have when it comes to her, and I'm not giving her up.

Alicia Rosas has no idea how twisted up she has me. No clue of the sick things in my head or the lengths I would go to see her smile and keep her safe and sound. If she did, she would run.

Too bad she has no choice now that she's mine. I'll do anything to keep it that way.

**Stalked by the Coach is an OTT, college sports, age-gap romance not for the faint of heart. Coach Goodwin is used to being in charge, both on and off the field, but that goes into overdrive when it comes to his one-on-one time with his bratty cheerleader. This obsessed daddy coach will be scoring a guaranteed HEA. **

Category:Erotica, Erotic Literature & Fiction


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