Lethal 40 Dear Darkness Book 4 41 - Leah Steele

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Lethal   40 Dear Darkness Book 4  41  - Leah Steele

epub | 1.33 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09H3HPRW2 | Author: Leah Steele | Year: 2023


Life has always been a game. I put on an act and wear a mask to hide my deepest desires. But what happens when my mask slips, and I fall in love with my inner darkness?
My first kill was an accident—not an accident really, but self-defense more like. The second time I killed was truly an accident. The all-consuming need to feel that rush again, took over me when the opportunity presented itself.
My third kill was given to me like a gift; the only thing missing was a bow. Someone's been watching me, a secret admirer. Instead of leaving me with flowers, they left me photos, a weapon, and a file on someone deserving their end. I shouldn't be more intrigued with my stalker—with the man who knows my deepest secret. But then again, I've never felt things the way normal people do.
Not one to wait on my stalker to reveal himself, I find myself obsessing over my new hobby. Lucky for me, that includes a few chiseled men I can't pass up. Maybe letting others in my bed will inspire my stalker to come forward.

This will be a RH novel with plenty of TWs.

Category:Women's Crime Fiction, Murder, Contemporary Romance


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