Crave You A Cruel Villain Dark - Teresa Wolf

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Crave You  A Cruel Villain Dark - Teresa Wolf

epub | 4.29 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BQFPKWN3 | Author: Teresa Wolf | Year: 2023


In this university, I'm the king. Everybody is lining up at my feet to join my fraternity. But my inner circle hides a dark side, and the students are more than willing to cover our backs when things get a little crazy.
I can have any girl I want – but there's only one who I have in my crosshairs. Plenty have made it into my bed, but this one is different.
Leona is a late arrival. That just means I've saved the best for last. She pretends to be cute and innocent, but behind that sweet smile hides a wicked side.
She can try to resist me, but the king always gets what he wants.
And to my surprise, I'm starting to want her for more than just her body. If anyone else wants to touch her, they'll have to go through me – consequences be damned...

Category:Action & Adventure Short Stories, Urban Erotica, Romance Collections & Anthologies

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