When We Were Eighteen Barrington Billiona - Jeannette Winters

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When We Were Eighteen Barrington Billiona - Jeannette Winters

epub | 389.72 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BFJWQK4R | Author: Winters, Jeannette | Year: 2023


She hired him to find her family. What he finds could cost her everything, including her life. Now he'll do anything to protect her from the truth. But the price might be a broken heart in this forbidden love romance?
Damien Blaze
I am dedicated to bringing families back together. If your loved one goes missing, I bring them home using my unconventional means. It's not just a business to me, it's my life mission.
But this client doesn't fall into my normal criteria. No one is being held captive, or MIA. Against my better judgment, I take on the job and quickly learn there is a lot more to it than what I had initially thought. This isn't a simple closed adoption. This is a woman who has been hidden from her family for twenty-five years. It's not that no one is looking for her, but it's what might happen if they find her.
It's now imperative that I learn everything there is to know about her family if I'm going to be able to keep MaKayla safe. But being so close to her all the time, not only kicked in my protective mode, but opened my heart in a way I wasn't expecting.

Now I need to decide, do I tell her the truth about what I learned, and hopefully she agrees to stay in hiding, or do I continue with the lies, and risk breaking her heart if she finds out?
Book 1: One White Lie
Book 2: Table For Two
Book 3: You & Me Make Three
Book 4: Virgin For The Fourth Time
Book 5: His For Five Nights
Book 5.5: New Beginning Holiday Novella
Book 6: After Six
Book 7: Seven Guilty Pleasures
Book 7.5: At the Sight of Holly
Book 8: Eight Reasons Why
Book 9: Nine Rules of Engagement
Book 10: Ten Broken Promises
Book 11: Eleven Days in Paradise
Book 12: Mine for Twelve Weeks
Book 13: Thirteen Wishes
Book 14: Fourteen Delicious Kisses
Book 15: Fifteen Shooting Stars
Book 16: Sixteen Love Notes
Book 17: Seventeen Years Ago
Book 18: When We Were Eighteen
Book 19: Yours Since Nineteen
Book 20: Twenty Ways to Fall

Category:Saga Fiction, Family Saga Fiction, Billionaire Romance


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