The Land Where Sinners Love A Dark Billi - V F Mason

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The Land Where Sinners Love   A Dark Billi - V F  Mason

epub | 491.95 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B088NLK6YQ | Author: Mason, V.F. | Year: 2020


I used to have it all.

Successful career.
Loving husband who adored me.
A future full of possibilities.
A perfect fairytale nothing could break.

Until one day, life as I knew it was crushed into tiny little pieces.

I was charged with a murder I didn't commit.
And no matter how much I begged for justice, no one believed me.
Least of all the man who promised to stand by me through anything.

And the husband of the woman I allegedly killed?
He vowed for me to live in a hell on earth–and even then it wouldn't be enough to atone for my sin.

His words rang in my ears every single day as life became an endless nightmare.
With time, I grew to hate him so much my heart burned from it.

Until three years later new evidence was found.
And everyone believed my truth.

I might be free but I'm still part of a twisted game the monster is playing.

And the only way I can survive in it?
Trust a man who I promised to hate till my last breath.

Category:Billionaire Romance, Suspense, Romantic Suspense


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