Claimed by Aquarius Defying th - Skylar West

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Claimed by Aquarius  Defying th - Skylar West

epub | 493.42 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BCH8FB66 | Author: Skylar West | Year: 2023


True love's call can't be denied...but neither can the will of the Gods.
Passions ignite after destiny dust spills into the eternal waters.
Under love's powerful spell, they challenge the laws of nature and ignore the chaos left in their wake.
Caught in the crossfire between desire and destiny, the immortal lovers upset the balance even Gods must respect.

Helen was gone. Or so the legends say.
But my heart knew better.
She waited somewhere in the realm of the gods, or perhaps hidden deep in the world of humans.
Destiny is a fickle beast, but I know how it works. Once an immortal claimed another, there was no escaping their fate.
No one wanted us together, least of all her father, Zeus, but I defied them all and marked my mate.
Now all I have to do is find her, and when I do, no one will stand in my way again, not even Helen.
She will learn that her place is by my side, in my bed, and on her knees at my feet.
As they say in Olympus. "Let the games begin!"

Category:Fairy Tales, Fairy Tale Fantasy, Folklore


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