A Very Mountain Man Wooing - Shaw Hart

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A Very Mountain Man Wooing - Shaw Hart

epub | 206.28 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B2V6Z7CW | Author: Shaw Hart | Year: 2023


I'll be anything that she wants as long as she's mine.

I came to Fallen Peak to hide.
I'm running from my parents and the man that they're forcing me to marry.
I know that I need to lay low and keep to myself, but it's getting harder and harder to remember that.
Every time I see Whit, I want to throw myself at him and beg him to never let me go.
But I can't do that to him.
I can't put him in danger.
I just need to remember that.

The first time that I saw Anise in town, I knew that she was meant to be mine.
She's smart, gorgeous, and funny.
She also seems totally uninterested in me.
Until one night, she isn't.
She thinks that it's just a one-night stand.
I aim to show her that we're forever.
My curvy girl is about to realize that she just met her match

Category:Contemporary Short Stories, Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Short Stories


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