eFolders Cleaner 5.2.7 macOS

qavioppoiliy 13 Mar 2023 07:20 MAC APPS

eFolders Cleaner 5.2.7 macOS

eFolders Cleaner 5.2.7 macOS

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'eFolders Cleaner' makes cleaning empty folders, duplicate folders, zero-byte files easy. Changing folder styles is very easy with 'eFolders Cleaner'.

1. Remove empty folders.
Although empty folders don't take up any disk space, them can still impede our file management efforts. For this reason, clearing out unnecessary clutter is essential to keep your drives and folders organized. The problem is, having hundreds of folders on various drives makes manually finding and deleting empty ones nearly impossible. this app can quickly find them.

2. Clean up duplicate folders
Find duplicate folders and delete unnecessary copies to free up disk space.

3. Remove zero-byte files
A zero-byte file or zero-length file is a computer file containing no data; that is, it has a length or size of zero bytes. Zero-byte files cannot be loaded or used by most applications.

4. Change the folder style.
Change the folder style to your liking.

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Release Notes
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 13.0 or later




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