Lasso 1.4.1 macOS

qavioppoiliy 13 Mar 2023 03:10 MAC APPS

Lasso 1.4.1 macOS

Lasso 1.4.1 macOS

File size: 14 MB

Lasso - Window Manager for macOS. Move and resize windows with your mouse. Posted on Reddit today. Looks really good. Click and drag - that's all you need to move and resize windows Quickly arrange and resize your windows with custom layouts

Streamline your workflow and increase productivity with the ability to assign unique keyboard shortcuts to each of your individual layouts. The simplest answer would be - all. Really, no matter how many screens you have - Lasso will handle all of them. With many options available, you can change how you work by adjusting the space around windows, selecting grid sizes for Layouts, and more. Make your workspace fit your needs.

Release Notes
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 12.0 or later



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