Tone Empire LVL 01 v1.5

qavioppoiliy 8 Mar 2023 14:44 WINDOWS APPS

Tone Empire LVL 01 v1.5

Tone Empire LVL 01 v1.5
Team R2R | 08 Mar 2023 | 223 MB

The LVL-01 is an A.I./M.L.-based audio compressor with a unique Thick, Punchy, and Dirty/Crunchy sound.

The LVL-01 is the world's first real-time Machine Learning / A.I. based audio compressor plugin.
LVL-01– is an emulation of a customized analog gates sta-level compressor.
What does it do ?
Designed for more saturation and less obvious compression, this plugin is perfect for your Drums, Loops, Breakbeats, Bass, and Guitars /Synths.

Punchy, Thick, and Crunchy!
The plugin offers 6 recovery times, a Drive/ Compressor control, and a fully scalable GUI.

Actual Unique Custom Compressor Sampled via Machine Learning.
6 Recovery times from Slow to Fast.
Drive/ Compression Characteristics - Vari-Mu Style (6386 tubes)
Output Gain Trim Control.
Mix control for wet/ dry signal mix.
Fully resizable GUI interface.
Comes with a set of professional presets.
Auto-Gain Compensation built in.



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