Acca Sbl 2023 (Strategic Business Leader) Exam Module Course

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Acca Sbl 2023 (Strategic Business Leader) Exam Module Course
Published 1/2023
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Be a step closer to becoming a Chartered & Certified Accountant by passing the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) module
What you'll learn
Top exam technique, tips and secrets for passing!
Everything you need to know about being a Strategic Business Leader!
Teaching you all of the key element of the SBL ACCA syllabus
How to increase your chances of passing the SBL Exam module in 2023!
Examination writing skills for achieving high marks in the exam!
No experience, requirements or prerequisites required. Just a willingness to learn and pass your ACCA SBL exam.
This ACCA SBL course is taught by a Fellow of the ACCA, a seasoned and experienced tutor who has helped many students pass their SBL exam! Adam also has many years experience consulting for start-ups and investment banks.Enrol onto this proven course that will help you learn all the key elements of the ACCA SBL syllabus. Get taught in an informal but informative way! No ties, shirts or fancy typical lectures suits. Find out: secret tips on how to pass SBL, the expectations set by the examiner, the best time management structures for answering examination questions, recommended writing stylesEnrolling onto this course, will give you access to the 25 videos (with captions) & valuable resources!Includes including an additional EXCLUSIVE section outlining:common topics that are asking previous examination questions,common questions that are asked and any new topics that have been added to the syllabusexclusive access to a members-only group to continue your learningAll videos have English captions embedded.CONTENT:1. Exam technique & an overview of the strategic business leader exam: An overview of the exam itself coupled with an explanation on what it means to be a Leader from a Strategic & Business element.2. Strategic planning:Why strategic planning is important, and the process strategic planning with an overview of the JSW (Johnson, Scholes and Whittington model) and an understanding of strategic drift.3. Strategic analysis:We'll cover 6 models including PESTEL analysis, Porters' 5 Forces, Porters diamond, strategic capabilities, value chain analysis and SWOT analysis.4. Performance analysis:An understanding of the difference between CSF's (critical success factors) and KPI's (key performance indicators). Financial ratios such as profitability ratios, efficiency ratios, liquidity ratios, gearing ratios, and investor ratios.5. Strategic choice:How to perform better than company rivals and competition, how to grow a company and choosing the best option for strategic growth.6. Strategic development:Exploring the main methods and options for strategic development, from organic growth, acquisition, JV's, Partnerships, Strategic Alliances & Franchises. Analysis on portfolios using the BCG matrix & Ashdridge portfolio model.7. Governance:Explaining what corporate governance means, the different varieties of company ownership and control including agency theory stakeholder theory and stakeholder claim. Principles of international corporate governance network (ICGN) codes. A comparison of the principal based approach to the rules based approach of governance.8. Stakeholder responsibility and corporate social responsibility (CSR):Learn how to apply the Mendelow model analysis to strategy & governance. Critically analyse stakeholder power and interest alongside the roles claims and interest stakeholders may have. Exploring social responsibility within governance.9. Successful leadership:Understand what's makes an effective leader and what leadership styles are required for a strategic change. The differences between what a leader and culture is. Discussing the concept of entrepreneurship and 'intrapreneurship'. 10. The board of directors:Explaining what's the roles of the board of directors, non-executive directors, chairman, CEO, both committees, remuneration committees and the most efficient way to remunerate the roles for maximum performance.11. Reporting:Will be touching on integrated reporting, social and environmental reporting, sustainability, general principles on disclosure and the role of institutional investors.12. Internal controls & internal audit:You will be able to understand everything about internal controls to minimise risks such as fraud. The role of auditors - both internal and external.13: Risk:Identifying, assessing, measuring risk in the workplace. The importance of the COSO ERM (enterprise risk management) framework matrix. Everything about managing, monitoring and mitigating risk.14. Professional ethics:You will gain an understanding of what professionalism means in practice whilst considering the public interest whilst considering the corporate codes of ethics.15. Organisation structure:Organising a companies structure to generate the best success for strategy. Will also be looking at main types of structures, Harmon's processs strategy matrix & Mintzberg's building blocks.16. Information technologyAnalysis of e-businesses, cyber security, system security controls and safeguarding of information. You will have a general understanding, the implications of use and how to use them successfully: big data, Fintech, cryptocurrencies, the cloud, smart technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning.17. Online marketing:You will have an understanding of market segmentation the seven peas the six eyes and the importance of branding and online marketing.18. Project management:Explanation of the project life-cycle, and everything project management from; risk analysis, planning, documentation, control, review.19. Financial decision making:The various options on raising finance, breakeven analysis, investment appraisal, budgeting and other quantitive analysis including variance analysis.20. Managing change:Understanding the types of change, being able to influence a culture of change, the various types and styles of change management, the change kaleidoscope and POPIT model.Includes other employability and digital skills.
Section 1: Introduction: Syllabus Intro, Exam Technique & Being Strategic Business Leader
Lecture 1 ACCA Exam Technique & Syllabus Overview
Lecture 2 Overview of a Strategic Business Leader
Section 2: Strategic Planning: Planning Process & Strategic Drift
Lecture 3 Strategic Planning
Section 3: Strategic Analysis: Planning Tools To Analyse An Organisation Environment
Lecture 4 Strategic Analysis
Section 4: Performance Analysis: Quantitive Analysis, Benchmarking, Performance Excellence
Lecture 5 Performance Analysis
Section 5: Strategic Choice
Lecture 6 Strategic Choice: Competitive Strategies, Growth Strategies & Evaluation
Section 6: Strategic Development
Lecture 7 Strategic Development: Main methods of development & portfolio analysis.
Section 7: Governance
Lecture 8 Governance: General Principles & Approaches
Section 8: Stakeholder Responsibility & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Lecture 9 Stakeholders Responsibility & CSR: Stakeholder Theory, Corporate Citizenship
Section 9: Successful Leadership
Lecture 10 Successful Leadership: importance, effectiveness, culture and more
Section 10: The Board of Directors
Lecture 11 The Board of Directors: A Complete Guide
Section 11: Reporting
Lecture 12 Reporting: institutional investors, sustainability, integrated reporting & more
Section 12: Internal Controls & Internal Audit
Lecture 13 Internal Audit: roles, responsibilities & more
Lecture 14 Internal Controls Systems: fraud risk, benefits of internal co
Section 13: Risk
Lecture 15 Risk: identifying, assessing, measuring, managing, monitoring, mitigating
Section 14: Professional Ethics
Lecture 16 Professionalism, ethical codes and the public interest
Section 15: Organisation Structure
Lecture 17 Structuring an organisation
Section 16: Information Technology
Lecture 18 E-Businesses (Online Businesses)
Lecture 19 Information Technology
Section 17: Online Marketing
Lecture 20 Online Marketing: marketing mix, e-branding & more
Section 18: Project Management
Lecture 21 Project Management: risk analysis, project life cycle & more
Section 19: Financial Decision Making
Lecture 22 Financial Decision Making, Raising Finance, Budgeting & more
Section 20: Managing Change
Lecture 23 Managing Change in Business, Culture
Section 21: EXCLUSIVE: Exam Topics Hints, Common Exam Questions & Members-Only Group Access!
Lecture 24 Summary: We've Analysed The Examiners Favourite Topics & Common Questions!
Lecture 25 BONUS: How to Access An EXCLUSIVE Members Only Group with More Live Teaching!
ACCA Candidates,Those interested on becoming a Senior Leader in a company.,Finance Professionals,Auditors,MBA Candidates,Accountants,Business Management Professionals,Auditors,Business Leaders,Internal Auditors



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