Developing Your Team - Teamwork From Forming To Performing

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Developing Your Team - Teamwork From Forming To Performing

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A Team Building Guide - How To Build A High Performing Self-Directed Team - A Teamwork Guide

What you'll learn
They will learn the essentials of forming a team and leading that team to high performance
They will learn how to develop a team charter.
They will develop a team scorecard to serve as the foundation of motivation.
The student will initiate problem solving and continuous improvement.

The desire to form a great team.
The desire to initiate the process of bringing a team to a state of high performance.

Your team's performance is your performance! Getting off to a good start is essential to team performance! This course will help you lead your team through the common stages from forming to performing, with less of the common "storming" as your team seeks a mature level of self-management. When taking responsibility for a team a leader is faced with a basic challenge: forming a group of individuals into a unified and motivated team that can focus on performance and problem solving to improve business performance. Creating this unified effort, focused on measurable performance, and able to make decisions and take action in a timely manner is the challenge of every leader with a new team. This course is designed to present the essential skills and tasks that will achieve this goal. Lean or agile culture and organizations are built on the foundation of high performing teams. Leaders who succeed are those who have mastered the skills of coaching and developing thier teams to maturity. The instructor has been leading teams and training teams for the past forty five years in dozens of Fortune 500 companies, as well as his own company. He has worked with Honda, Honeywell, Shell Oil, Corning, and dozens of other leading companies. He is the author of ten books on teamwork, leadership and lean management.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course Purpose and Objectives
Lecture 3 Types of Teams
Lecture 4 Activity 1: Defining Your Team
Section 2: Characteristics of High Performing Teams and Cultures
Lecture 5 A Brief History of Work Groups
Lecture 6 Characteristics of High Performing Teams and Cultures
Lecture 7 Activity 2: Assessing Our Team Culture
Section 3: Organizing Your Team
Lecture 8 Developing Your Team Charter
Lecture 9 Activity 3: Developing Your Team Charter
Lecture 10 Team Roles and Responsibilities
Lecture 11 The Agenda
Lecture 12 Small Things that Make a Difference
Lecture 13 Action Planning and Accountability
Lecture 14 Activity 4: Developing Roles and Agenda
Section 4: Stages of Team Development
Lecture 15 Forming to Performing
Lecture 16 The Maturity Matrix and the Leader's Role
Lecture 17 Activity 5: Assessing Your Team's Maturity
Section 5: Who Makes What Decision, How?
Lecture 18 Decisions From Command to Consensus
Lecture 19 Activity 6: How Will We Make Decisions
Section 6: Keeping Score and Motivation
Lecture 20 Keeping Score and Playing the Game
Lecture 21 Visual Display and the Balanced Scorecard
Lecture 22 Activity 7: Developing Your Scorecard
Section 7: Solving Problems and Continuous Improvement
Lecture 23 A philosophy of Problem Solving
Lecture 24 The PDCA Problem-Solving Model
Lecture 25 Activity 8: Using the PDCA Model
Section 8: Team Building and Summary
Lecture 26 On Team Building Activities
Lecture 27 Summay
Lecture 28 Bonus Lecture and Additional Resources
Team Leaders, or those desiring to become team leaders



Developing Your Team - Teamwork From Forming To Performing

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