Computer Storage Fundamentals: Storage system, storage networking and host connectivity

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Computer Storage Fundamentals: Storage system, storage networking and host connectivity
English | 2020 | ISBN: 9388176553 | 288 pages | True EPUB | 9.96 MB

Learn storage system usage in various solutions to meet enterprise company's business objectives.

Key Features
Different type of storage systems and their solutions are discussed.
Learn the components of a storage solution, storage disk array, host servers, storage networking components and their communications.
Storage performance, fault tolerance and space efficiency and their related features are explained in detailed.
Storage management software suite that enables administrator to manage all storage hardware and software components and their features and functionalities that are discussed.

With advancement of computer, mobile and popularity of internet and social media, digital data is growing exponentially. Current total global data is almost double than what was there two years back. Computer storage technologies have become most important and critical that supports this enormous growth of digital data and stores them more efficiently. Therefore demand for computer storage knowledge increased drastically in recent years.
This book explains the basic concept of computer storage and its fundamental features and functionalities. It also includes topics on how the application servers access storage systems through the network. Different storage vendors use different name for physical and logical components of a storage system, but this book primarily focuses on concept of storage systems using simple and commonly understood teologies. Almost all modern storage systems have virtualization implemented to enhance performance and fault tolerance. This book explains these implementation aspects in simple terms.

What will you learn
Storage System, Storage Infrastructure
Storage Disk Array and Communication Protocols
Storage Networking, Management and Performance
Fault Tolerance and Data Protection
Space Efficiency

Who this book is for
IT professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate eeering students, researchers and storage administrators.



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